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I'd say half of what I ate today was chocolate-- I seriously almost threw up on myself in the booth for my Blend show today. I don't think that iced latte helped either. This weekend is my filming weekend...oh man. Hopefully it doesn't turn out shitty.
HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!! I'll leave you with Stella, dressed up as Snow White.  Posted by Picasa



That picture is from my Last Call WSJU Party on Friday night. Casey and CG came with me, and it was an amazing time. So amazing, that my digi now needs to be repaired. OF COURSE. Casey won the 2nd place costume contest prize, which was a $25 gift certificate towards the bar, which we used to buy Jager shots. The cab driver charged us $65 for a 20 minute cab ride, and I only got 3 hours of sleep. There was another keg out. We hung out with basketball players in Dunkin Donuts.

Saturday I went to Casey's art show by FIT. There was an excellent Cheese platter, as well as tons of wine, and I realized that mixing white and red wine doesn't make White Z, which is what I always thought. Casey's painting was called "Jellyman" and was beautiful, which was expected. She is Art Slave, after all. Every art piece in there was great, and hopefully they raised some dough for the Red Cross.

Getting the chance to hang out with Mrs. Brouder was EXCELLENT, since she is absolutely hysterical. She really doesn't give a fuck about what anyone thinks, and I got to hear her tell stories about: hitching a ride in the Hollywood Hills during the time of Charles Manson, lying to her parents and renting a room across from the Fillmore and getting to go to free Grateful Dead shows, hitching across the country, and of course, her insights on her fine town.

"Most of the people in Breezy Point are white trash. They all live in inherited houses their grandfathers built for $30 because he couldn't afford to live anywhere else!"

It's very true. Who lives in a place without any sewers?

Later that night I took a nap, then had a pre-Connolly's Midnight BAsh party at my house. I drank jagermeister and danced, danced, danced around my kitchen, but that's nothing out of the ordinary. Connolly's was fun, there were 2 other kegs out, but thankfully I had my secondary "costume", of a Breezy Coke Head. I was too scared to really show it, though, so most of the night I just wore my jacket.

I'm really bummed about damaging my camera AGAIN, especially since it's the reason I don't have any pics from Connolly's. They're all on my disposable camera (ewww!), which I'll have to, like, pay to get developed. But yea. If anyone remembers how I was last year when I flat ouf broke my digi cam, this is a junior version of that month of blahness. I hate doing stupid shit like that when I drink, but here I am again, with a broken camera. Hopefully B&H will fix it, considering I bought a warranty (but can't, at this time, find the receipt. They have a sick computer system that should remember that, right? Right?)

I'm wearing my Bea Arthur shirt!
thanks CG

wacky wednesday shiiiiiit
thanks CG

I wonder if my writing has even improved?