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Don't think I forgot!


Gilmore Girls


Highly disapointed in this episode, and extremely angry that they're trying to make us believe that Luke wouldn't tell Lorelai about his spawn while going on and on in the previous episode about secrets. So wack. I quit watching All My Children for a reason, but it seems the soap-operaness has found a way to invade my Tuesday nights. I think it would be interesting if Luke told Lorelai about the kid, and they had to both deal with April as well as her secret-keeping mom, who I read is being played by...the lady who went out with Jess's dad when he went to visit California (in other words,the episode that was supposed to set up the Jess spin-off, but never did.) Wow, that's...the stupidest thing I ever heard. I know the producers obviously don't care about the show anymore, but some of us do, and some of us remember that sort of shit, and some of us even have the season 4 DVDs and can check to make sure they're not going crazy when they finally see this repeat chick on their screen. Sheesh. It bothers me.

Too many sub-plots (keep secondary characters secondary PLEASE), too much Rory, too much wasted time in my precious hour. It's always been present in past seasons but lately it's been constant--our Gabmore Girls like to talk, talk, talk but never really do or say anything of importance. And when they finally do have important scenes (Luke and Lorelai reconciling in season 5, Luke"proposing" to Lorelai with the ring), they DON'T SHOW IT. I understand the writers just love the fact that their scripts are super long, and they drop so many pop culture and literary references that half of us never even get, and it's so darn quirky!, but come on. Don't just say something, do something, and make it good. If not for you, but for us. (by us, I mean the fans, of course)

Way to begin a six-week hiatus on the lowest point you could find.

The Amazing Race

I know I was a huge fan of the Weavers, but it's starting to diminish. I know everyone hates them, but they don't have to bring the Christian card in all the time. They talk shit, too, and they shouldn't get on a high horse about supposedly not talking shit. Their pity party is getting old, and I'm pretty sure Jesus hates a whiner.

Are they gonna leave the country again, ever? Being in America is boring. Everyone speaks english and it's not as fun as watching the contestants in, like, Bangladesh, trying to speak to the locals.
Nice non-elimination round this time, but the other contestants aren't going to give "Florida" any money to help them out. Perhaps the Lord can send a wire over with some cash?

Happy 4th Birthday to me Posted by Picasa

I can't sing a long to "babba o'riley" the same way anymore

No more teenage wasteland, kids.

It's my birthday. Goodybe, teenage life; hello, purgatory known as one year away from legal--twenty years old.

So this is my big birthday post. Instead of writing my two papers, I'm going to write something in honor of the day of my birth. I'll start with the day I was born, the day I was 0, although it will all be second-hand information being that I don't have any memories of it. It was the first time I was the star of the show and I don't even remember it.

I was born on Thanksgiving Eve, and kept my mom in labor for 12 hours (I sure know how to keep a person waiting.) While my mom was in excruciating pain and doped up on whatever drugs she took to make the whole pushing me out bareable, my dad and sister went to get something to eat. Good for them. My mom always complains about having to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital, eating gross food, and I guess giving birth on Thanksgiving isn't the greatest time to give birth, although it does make a good birthday. I like to tell people Macy*s throws a parade in honor of me, even though they never believe me.

My mom wanted to name me Emily Maria (my mom liked the name Emily, and Maria is for my aunt), but my dad said it wasn't Irish enough. They agreed on Kathleen Maria, and they claim my sister, at 2 1/2, knew that the nickname for Kathleen was Katie and "named" me. It's bullshit, obviously, but I'll let them think I still believe that.

My family is infamous for throwing me the absolute wackest birthday parties. My sister's birthday is in May, making it the perfect time to throw tea parties and giant parties at Riis Park where all the neighborhood kids are invited. My parties usually went like this-- Clare Walsh and Marybeth Galvin would come to my house to play with Play Doh or we'd go see a movie, go get pizza, go to McDonalds. It always ended with presents and cupcakes, where I'd blow out my candle and make a wish (it usually involved Disneyworld.) As I got older and managed to make a few more friends my parents would treat us all to whatever holiday movie came out during Thanksgiving Weekend. Yipee.

I look back at these home videos and usually become very bitter about the shitty parties, but my mom tells me I never wanted anything else, and I guess she's right, because I always look so damn happy sitting at my kitchen table eating cupcakes. Who knew chocolate frosting all over your hands and face could bring so much happiness?

Not much has changed--give me some good friends and some good cupcakes and I'm tight.

It's currently 12:18. Nineteen minutes ago I was nineteen. Now I'm twenty. And I feel no different.




I remember being five and thinking "wow, shucks, (I didn't curse back then), when I'm ten I'm going to be so old."

And when I was ten I thought, "crap! when I'm fifteen I'm going to be so old."

And when I was fifteen I thought "shit! when I'm twenty I'm going to be so old."

And here I am, but I don't want to think of twenty five just yet, because twenty five is scary. Because after twenty five is thirty and I don't want to think about thirty because it's just...it's just not cool at all. I'd rather think of the present, of being twenty.

I have a lot to be thankful for; plenty of support from my family and friends and tons of laughter to go around. I have a nice roof over my head and some sweet stuff to play with and a solid set of wheels to take me to an (expensive) college--not mentioning expensive in a bragging sort of way, just stating the facts of reasons to be thankful. I also have plenty of food and water and health insurance (you should never neglect thanking for the health insurance.) I'm doing better than around 6 billion people on this planet, so when I want to get on this thing and mope about, like, a lack of a digital camera, I should remember this fact-- I have it a lot better than most.

We all do.

And knowing that piece of information is my little birthday present to myself.

So thanks to everyone who make my life amazing, and have a very happy sunday, also known as my twentieth birthday.


Stay Golden

So much has happened these past two days... and I haven't had time to update. Although I'm currently posting this on Thanksgiving I'm going to start with Tuesday's events, then work my way to the greatest day ever, Thanksgiving Eve.

So Tuesday, I cut two classes and attended the Golden Girls DVD signing at Barnes & Noble on 22nd and 6th. Thankfully, my awesome Aunt Maria went there right as the store opened, as I couldn't miss my 9 am Anthro class. She waited in the rain and the cold and made friends, because she is awesome. Once I arrived the place was PACKED--so many people, so many gay men, just a ridiculous amount of people there for hte Golden Girls. I managed to finagle my way in, and Aunt Maria gave me her wristband and spot on line, and went up to the cafe to watch all the madness from above. She secured a pretty great spot on line, one of hte first 25 people, and we all waited patiently for them to arrive. Everyone around me was pretty nice and we all chatted and everyone loved my Let It Bea t-shirt. If I was more enterprising I would have maybe made a couple and sold them at hte event but...I'd much rather just watch TV than think about a business.

When they finally came out it was utter chaos. People were cheering and screaming--it's hard to believe all this madness was for women in their 80's. It just shows how much love people have for the Golden Girls. When it was finally my turn to meet Betty, Rue, and Bea. I of course got all flustered. It didn't help that the B&N staff were making it their mission to give us as little time as possible with the Girls. I told them that WSJU featured them on our brochure, gave them copies, and GAVE THEM A WSJU SHOT GLASS. Bea chuckled but didn'tl ook up, and I was too nervous to be like, oh, PS, I make t-shirts using your image and likeness. So she never even got to see it, which might be a good thing, because what if she didn't like them? What if she was like, fuck you, I'm suing you, you have no legal right to this. Then I'd be screwed.

You know what pissed me off? They rushed me off that line so fast I didn't even get my actual DVD--just some one that happened to be already signed. Betty White was still signing mine and some lady goes "You only had one, right?" and hands me some DVD and is like "keep moving." Bitch.

But yo. I got a signed DVD of the Golden Girls!

Which brings me to the night to end all nights; the biggest night of the year; THANKSGIVING EVE!!!!

For the past 3 years now I've had a huge celebration in honor of my birthday (which is the 27th) on Thanksgiving Eve. I was very proud of my invitations this year, and even including an "extended version" at the party.

A lot of the party at this point is blurry, but I do remember actually getting my old video cam to work so I could preserve some things. Mad people came, it was awesome, I made a punch called "Katrina" (because when you wake up tomorrow it'll feel like a hurricane hit you!) Burn. Very tasteless and I believe possibly too soon, but I wasn't the only one thinking it--Chris Walsh added "when you wake up tomorrow you'll be very, very poor." There was sangria, there was mac & cheese and fried chicken (I had a southern food theme, so Schmitty brought my SoCo), there were fudgey/raw brownies and music and shots of Jager straight from the bottle and lots of good times had by all. There was a birthday crown, too, and a toast by Timmy Kuffner and great presents and great friends. And then we all got to go out after, which was awesome. The Circle was being wack, as usual, and when they didn't let in Casey or Catherine we hightailed it to the Tap & Grill (thanks for the ride, marybeth), where upon entering the bar I had flashbacks to being 16. Honestly, I think my first thankgiving eve, 5 days before my 16th birthday, was celebrated at the Tap. It was good though--saw some awesome people, including Meghan Valenti. We got a hot tip that the 5-0 was about ready to bust the place, so Casey, Catherine and I got out through the kitchen before the fuzz could get us. We walked to Connolly's which had just been raided, chatted with Jeff and Jack, and went inside. Indaculture was playing, we danced around a lot, I did a shot of Blackhaus (thanks Jason) and realized that wearing a birthday crown gets you free drinks. I might just wear a birthday crown every time I go to a new bar now. I remember having "Happy Birthday" be sung to me, but it might have been a dream.

This morning I felt lousy, and threw up(wine & sharp cheddar cheese isn't a good mix), and realized that I probably helped prepare all my friends for Thanksgiving Dinner by filling them up with liquor that they'd throw up on Thanksgiving Morning. I'm happy I could assist in clearing out their systems.

My actual birthday is this Sunday, and I will prepare a post on leaving being a teenager behind. Yikes. Twenty.


a lot to live up to

Wow, I guess after becoming close, personal friends with John Cusack (slight exaggeration), it was hard writing about much else during the week.

This week was good.


See? I told you. I've got nothing.

Ok, ok, I'll try again.

Had a WSJU Salute Your Shorts showing--it's a shame I did'n't have cable as a youngn'. I would have totally sweated that show. Went to Queens Center Mall, FINALLY GOT MY PHONE FIXED, helped out with the editing of the Seqouya(I def spelled that wrong) ...and by helped out, I mean thought every poem was "alright" and ate pizza. I just can't judge poetry-- to be honest, most of it just sounds pretty blah to me. Went to Roosevelt Field, got some makeup and a north face fleece for my birthday. That's right--no more Kohl's columbia fleece for me. I'm moving into straight-up high class, moderately gangsta territory with the North Face logo on my chest.

Worked today from 1-7, and later tonight I'm kicking it old school by having my parents drive me to Nosa's 21st birthday in BK. Why, you may ask, are you recreating your entire sophomore & junior year sweet 16 experience with your mom waiting outside in the mini van? BECAUSE I HAVE WORK AT 7 AM TOMORROW. Damn. I planned on having an All Borough Booze Fest, where I would drink with friends starting at SJU, on the train into BK, back in Manhattan, and then, who knows. Maybe a hop on the staten island ferry or a stop on the 4 to the bronx so I can booze in all 5 boroughs in one night/morning. Alas, the deli prevented me from doing this.

But hey. MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP. Whoa. I'm having my Super Sweet 20th Extravaganza on Thanksgiving eve, where people get to pre-game with the best of them in honor of my birthday. I also want to plan something amazing the week we get back from school, too, including my Monday, 11/28 birthday invasion of the 4th floor of marillac hall, as well as a trip to UCB.


Gilmore Girls
Good episode. Lorelai and Emily on the plane=slight tears. Lorelai's last line about Emily not loosing here was :sniffle:. Luke's long-lost daughter was expected (remember? I'm an internet spoiler loser), but not as bad as I thought. I mean, it's still a pretty wack and contrived storyline (they don't sell condoms in Connecticut?), but I'm hoping for the best. The girl totally didnt' seem psyched to find out Luke was her dad, though. Doesn't she know he is the greatest guy ever? Christopher coming back is never good though. Dude, you're a dead beat dad, I don't care how much money you have. That bedroom set was pretty hideous, and that Desperate Housewives jab was EXCELLENT. Next week--Thanksgiving! And does Luke tell Lorelai about his spawn wandering around Woodbury? I hope so--remember, "no secrets."
But after that it's the hell known as the month-long hiatus. What am I supposed to do with myself?

No TAR this week. :(

stay warm


Today I shared a hotel room with John Cusack.I attended a round-table interview for the new film The Ice Harvest, starring John Cusack and directed by HArold Ramis. It was held in the Regency Hotel, 19th floor, there was free food, free drinks, and AN INTIMATE MEETING WITH JOHN CUSACK AND HAROLD RAMIS. It was intense. There were representatives from other colleges (NYU, Barnard, Columbia, Pratt, Baruch, Fordham, & Pace) and their newspapers and radio stations, plus these two writers for internet movie pages. We had around 25 minutes to ask both celebs questions about the movie, but since the movie sucked major ass, we all just found ways to connect it to John Cusack and Harold Ramis movies that were actually good. By we, of course, I mean everyone else, because I was too overwhelmed to actually get a question out. Besides that, the two non-college students hogged all the time, and it was like a fight just to get a word in edge wise. One of these guys actually asked John Cusack if he still kickboxed. Idiot.
John Cusack looks like...John Cusack in person. He has good skin, no wrinkles, a baby face, and is pretty tall. He laughed at a comment I managed to get in about christmas movies ("People just shove snow and a red bow in a film and it becomes a Christmas movie"), I mean, really making eye contact with me and laughing. Obviously, it means he fell in love with me on the spot and has plans to marry me. Right? I didn't ask him for a photo, though, because a) someone told me he hated photos and b) one kid did, and he kind of brushed him off and told him he had some stuff to do. I didn't want to be that guy, who was all, John Cusack, take a photo of me holding my radio stations shirt, even though I probably should have. John Cusack! Lloyd Fucking Dobbler, man!
There were plenty of tool-ish questions (expected from the pretentious institutions in attendance), about film style and "preparation" and "inspiration" for the film. Someone asked Harold Ramis what "films he watched in preparation for such a film-noir piece" and he said "I'm nto a film student-- I don't like to pay homage to other films. I dont' watch other films before I make my own, because I don't like to copy."
After it was over I asked Cusack to sign my press kit and he did, even though he signed black ink on the one part that was ink...kind of a stupid thing to do. Everyone seemed to bounce pretty quickly after it was over, but I stayed behind "fiddling" with my tape recorder and "adjusting" my bag. I was in a hotel room with John Cusack & Harold Ramis, for Shit's sake, I wasn't abotu to make a mad dash to the elevator just because it was technically over.
And good thing I didn't, because I got to RIDE THE ELEVATOR DOWN 19 FLOORS WITH JOHN CUSACK AND HAROLD RAMIS. I remember thinking, good thing I wore extra deodorant today!
The kid from Fordham was there too, and Harold Ramis asked us what school we went to. He actually knew about St John's and was like "Oh, Bill Wennington, right?", naming a former b-ball player from our university. Whoa. Dude. He made fucking National Lampoons', and he's talking to me about college? Shit.
We reached the lobby, and John and his press agent went one way and I went the other. I should have followed them or something. Either way, it was awesome, and I hope WSJU has more opportunities like this.
Finally finished The Amazing Race-- peace out BizarroHonan's! And, good Lord, why do they have to keep torturing the Weaver's by making them complete tasks having to do with race car driving? THERE DAD WAS KILLED ON A RACE TRACK.
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wah x wah x wah

As I mentioned in the previous post I've been feeling anxious lately and I'm not sure why. Maybe I do-- I make things difficult for myself. I worry about things I shouldn't. I scan Facebook Photos and worry that people have more fun than me, that I'm missing out on something, that I'm wasting my time. I worry college is going too fast, that I'm not having enough fun. But at the same time, I worry I'm not spending enough time on schoolwork, that I'm going to loose my scholarship, that I'm going to become a waste of life. I worry that everythign I write should be re-written, that everything I say should have been kept to myself, and that everything I aspire to will be useless. Sometimes I have so many ideas swirling around my head that it's hard to just follow through with anything. Maybe I just need to take one big long nap.

But anyways! Good news! My footage from my movie came out great! Now, it's just on to the tedious task of editing. Which, is probably the hardest part.

Saw the FireBird Band last night at Sin-E with CG and Matthew Francis. What an amazing, insane night. We brown-bagged it on the train, I dropped a red stripe on the platform, we danced a lot, we wandered around, and I GOT BIT BY A DOG. Yes. I did. My hand still hurts. I'd have pictures but...oh, wait. MY CAMERA'S STILL BROKEN.

I sure know how to find a touch of grey in everything, right?

There's more!
The phone the insurance company sent me as a replacement is defective. Of course. Why wouldn't it be defective?

I might post again later. I need to watch some TV for now.


from the bottom of my broken heart

Hey, do you remember all those awesome times we had? Like, that time I used you to make amateur video of Hat Night and the last night of Connolly's. Or, how about the time you met George Clinton with me? Those times were great.

I just wanted to let you know that you were nothing but awesome to me--you provided me with high-quality photos, a multitude of settings, video mode, and a sleek, stylish, compact design. I want to apologize for treating you so badly. It's all my fault you're stuck in a warehouse in New Jersey, and you cost so much to repair, and it's all my fault I refuse to pay it. I treated you with the same care I did with your gold cousin, who perished last march, and I'm sorry. I thought I learned my lesson-- I hadn't. I dropped you and you broke and I'm sorry. I'm just sad you have to feel the pain of my stupid decisions.

Digi Cam-- I still have hope that one day we can be together again (as long as the price is right.) You know I saw the most beautiful image today--the sky was a clear blue, and in between the dark warehouses and buildings, its looked like a painting. From my driver seat I strained to imagine what it would look like in a 4X4 screen; I tried imprinting it into my brain; tried uploading a memory into my computer. But it just wan't the same. And it's all my fault.

i feel like ms. rafferty

snap, I've been so anxious lately. I don't know what it is. I'm just jumpy and nervous and shit. Today I went to a preview of The Ice Harvest in preparation for my fantabulous round-table interview on monday with JOHN CUSACK and HAROLD RAMIS WHAT WHAT I KNOW. But more on that another day.

I won't say how I feel about the movie yet. I'll just say it's a dark christmas comedy starring John Cusack and Billy Bob Thorton. Way to ruin Christmas for the 2nd time, Billy Bob.

So yes, today. I had to be in the city by 3:30, and since I hate the q46, I decided I'd drive to 71st & Continental. Bad idea. All the spots had 2 hour time limits. So then I was like, lemme drive up to the 7 train and park under the el. WRONG. Those had time limits too. So I ended up DRIVING INTO MIDTOWN MANHATTAN. Why, why, why do I do this to myself? I was so anxious driving in. I just need to relax, but it feels like I can't. Hopefully it will pass. Took me two hours to get home, which wasn't great for the nerves. I need yoga or something.

I don't have much to write, or maybe I do, but I'm just tired. Things are pretty much the same-- my camera's still broken, and it still costs as much to fix it as to buy a new one. My cell phone is still broken, too, and no one was home today to get my new one. And my internet is still being tempermental, which is pretty much ruining my life. What's the point of doing anything if I can't write an away message about it?

What's the point of taking a shower if I can't alert everyone on AIM with a "in the shower!" away message? What's the point of going to class if I can't say "at class all day!! leave one!" message?

Life just isn't worht living without AIM.

But this helps--


Gilmore Girls
Whoa. Can I just say...amazing. Well written, well acted (for the most part-- alexis bledel is always an exception), humorous yet touching. And JESS WAS BACK. He was back and he was mature and he had a book written and he was living in Philly and I read that same exact NYTimes article Whory was talking about. I was glad to see Rory shaken out of her DAR coma, and I'm glad Jess did it. And Logan-- I hate you. Way to drink and drive, asshole.
I was a big fan of those awesome Luke's Diner jerseys and track jackets, and loved the fact that those girls played dirty. It reminded me of my days as the trash-talking goalie. Lorelai projecting her fears and anxieties about Rory was touching, and is it possible to love Luke any more? He's the man. Just...just awesome. Next week looks good. According to the Ask Ausiello column on TVGuide.com (yea, laugh at me, whatever), it is supposedly the "Best.Episode.Ever."
I'll have to see about that.

Haven't watched The Amazing Race yet, but when I do, I'll write about it.

see you all later.


Digital Camera Make Me Poor

ME- Me. Camera is damaged again. Heart is broken again. Starting to hate myself again.

CASIO REPAIR SERVICE LADY, DONNA (CRSL)- Nice enough. Strong Jersey accent.

Well, Katie, you should be receiving
your statement either today or tomorrow.

Oh, great. Just out of curiosity, how much
is on that statement?

Hold on, let me check here.....(sighs)
Sheesh. Your cost of repair will be $247.58.


Yea, I always hate doing that to people.

What does the statement say?

Well, it said your camera was dented, the
case was damaged, and it didn't have any
manufacturers damage.


Yea, so you should be getting that statement
in the mail pretty soon.

Uh huh.

So, have a nice day?


Gilmore Girls and Amazing Race update later. For now, I must cry.


My day, in odd sentence structure

...Voted this morning. Fell asleep in my Anthropology class even though I like my professor and felt horrible-- I couldn't help it, though. Had a lot of those half awake/half asleep dreams; in one, my professor handed out light blue pieces of paper, in another, he yelled at me for sleeping, in another, the class left without me. Got tea in Marillac, stopped by the T-Mobile kiosk and secretly coveted the Razr and Sidekick. Discussed this half awake/half asleep dreams with Erica in Contemporary TV. Watched The Dick Van Dyke show, and laughed talking about Family Guy's censorship of it. The ____ Van ___ Show. Had a WSJU meeting, faxed over some things for A November to Remember, laughed a lot, finished my TV Production homework. Shit was mad hard. Sat down in the studio to realize I smelled bad--pulling clothes from the middle of my giant clothes pile backfired. Embarrased. Made sure I didn't raise my arms the rest of the class, which prevented me from being a camera operator on our mock production. Fucked around with the Chyron. Sat around. Got a 98 on my practical, which should balance out my 60 on the written great. Went to charge my phone but found that the charger hole fell out again. Drove to Verizon on Austin St.; couldn't parallel park. Drivers behind me rolled their eyes. Got really nervous. Went into a parking garage, attendant yelled at me for not "pulling up" enough. Parked car, went to Verizon, was told I have to call Verizon and have them send me a new phone. Began walking back to garage but thought I had no money to pay for my car's time in garage so I went to a bank and took money out. Once I put my money in my pocket, I found $15. Great. Held Parking Garage ticket in hand and read over and over the part about making sure not to loose it because my car can't be returned without it. I lost it. Did the sign of the cross before heading back into garage. Begged and pleaded with attendant--almost cried. He made me sign something and say I took my car. Drove home, told my story to my mom, she yelled at me for being careless. Told me she'd take my car away if I didn't get more responsible. Great. Ate dinner, did some homework, computer froze, couldn't get on internet, mom told me twice that my room was a mess. Really? Thanks for that hot observation.

Gilmore Girls is tonight, but in order to not be disappointed, I will not put any expectations on it. Laguna was good yesterday; Kristen's a bitch, Stephen's annoying and talks for some odd reason in funny accents, and LC is awesome. Good for her. Jason is mutanous. Seventeen sucked because Atoosa kicked my favorite girl, Savannah, off. That whole show is a crazy loyalty test! I think Atoosa plants these people to test the girls. She plants moles. She's like Willy Wonka, when he tested all the winners of the Golden Ticket with that man in the alley asking for all his secrets. Scary.

One more thing--when I left the garage the parking attendant told me to be careful. Does he know something I don't know?


Things I didn't want to hear today, but did, from my coworker ...

Wait, some background. She's old and stuff, and she told me about how she and her boyfriend were planning a vacation somewhere (poconos? birkshires? hunter? something resorty), and they were going in two weeks.

Ready? Ok:

"God, I have to run to the bathroom again."

Ok, that's enough. you don't need to tell me what your'e going to the bathroom for; I've got the grill covered, there's no line, just go. GO. Save the story for another time, will you?

"My chest has been hurting me, see, and that usually means I'm getting my period. The past few weeks my chest hasbeen hurting me right before I get my period. Everything's so messed up lately, I mean, I'm 41, I don't know if I'm going through The Change, but I just don't know what to expect from my period--"

Ok, God, stop talking about your period. Stop talking about The Change. Just...stop.

At this point I was just in the corner of the grill, scraping off burnt eggs,looking down, trying to avoid any eye contact. I didn't think it coudl get any worse. But it did.

"--and I really hope I get my period this week because God, I sure don't want it next week, if you know what I'm saying."

Yea, I do know. Sadly, I know.

old people talking about sex in general, let alone their OWN sex, is just bad. wrong. ick. yuck.


movie reels, apple pies, and bare-assed hotties

Last night, I went to see "Jarhead." I thought it was good, even with it being very anti-climactic. I think someone said after we got out that "nothing happened", which was true, I guess, but I suppose that's the truth. I've never seen combat; never been to the middle east or worn a uniform or ever had oil rain down on me, but the person who wrote this book-turned-movie did, so if this is his memory/view of war, I can't got around and say "nothing happened." It's his experience. I read a review of "Jarhead" that called it anti-war and anti-soldier, but I disagree. I don't think showing people's humanity is being mean. He didn't gloss over anything. The ending really drew parallels to what's going on today, and it was sad watching these Marines jump up and down once the war was over and say "We're never coming back to this place again!" Oh, if only they knew. Jake Gyl(I obviously can't spell his last name) was just too hot for words. And he was bare-assed in this film lots of times, making my $10.25 charge worth it.

While we're on the topic of a meaningful and well-done film, let's flip the switch completely and talk about my littlle film production 101 movie that I had today. First off, loading the film in the arriflex is hard. Very hard. And I'm slow, so it's that much harder. I also only used 3 of the 5 rolls of film provided, but I'm thinking of going back tomorrow after work and filming some additional filler things. Teeny and Bobby did an awesome job, and I can't thank them enough for dealing with my horrible directions, like....

"Um, yea, ok, yea, that's looks alright. Yea, whatever, whatever you wanna do is fine." Man, oh, man.

We filmed on the beach, which was funny. I hope everything comes out, the beach scenes were awesome; it was right around sunset, even though it won't come out bc it's black and white, but it looked nice.

But with my luck, none of it came out. OhH well. I'll just...fail my class? I mean, I'm doing so awesome in all my other classes, it shouldn't be a big deal. Oh...wait.

The rest of hte fam went to Stew Leonards in CT and brought back apple pie, amongst other things. But all I seem to remember is the delicious apple pie.

I have work at 7 tomorrow, which actually isn't as bad as it sounds. I get to open with Bryanne, which is always fun. Who wants a bacon egg and cheese tomorrow? I do make the greatest ones.


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it's november already?!?!

...went all the way to B&H to find I have to send my camera directly to casio. oh well. I went with my aunt maria down to w.4th to get lunch; i wanted mexican but the mexican place was next to indian and we decided on indian. ate some curry chicken, some nan bread, and it was good,and I was proud of myself for trying something new.
we walked around for a bit, made our way to tower records where I bought rilo kiley's "takeoffs and landings" for like, $9. I listened to it today in the ride to school, and it's alright so far. Last night I rented "Sideways" and "Crash", and attempted to watch "Sideways" but all it made me want to do was drink wine and sleep. I do intend on finishing it sometime, anytime, really, now that I don't have to pay late fees!
I'm considering getting netflix, though. Fuck blockbuster. I originally went there to rent "The Way We Were" because I'm justl ike that, and their one copy was rented. What the fuck's that about? You only have one copy of such a classic film? Bullshit, man. Just bullshit.

I watched some TV, but I'll get to that later.

Today I had school and it was glorious because Wednesday's are always my favorite day. Had a WSJU meeting, went over some awesome stuff, ate some free pizza. Came home. Now I'm here.


Gilmore Girls was a repeat, and my heart cried a little; but I'll chime in on this episode because I didn't have a blog back when it originally aired.

Like, duh, Luke said yes. But how wack was it that we had to wait until like 8:15 for them to finally make out. It was so obvious that they filmed that whole scene way after the original part because Lorelai's hair was different and she had a different necklace on. Wack. They should just film it all at once! But anyway. I'm still waiting for them to say "I love you!" to eachother-- it's obvious that they do, they show it, but I have to listen to Rory telling that douchebag Logan she loves him, but not Luke and Lorelai? Again, wack. I'm looking forward to next weeks episode, but not so much to the ones after that. If anyone out here reading this reads spoilers (yea, I read spoilers, what's it to you?), you'll know why.

AMAZING RACE: I love the Weavers, but everyone else hates them! I don't really get why. I mean, yea, they love Jesus, but not in an obnoxious way. They are just, as they say, "Christians trying to win the race, if it's God's will." The BizarroHonan's, aka the Paolo's, are so frigin annoying and so like my family that it's painful to watch. Especially when I know it's just like how my family would be if put under the same circumstances. I'm happy the Gaghan's are gone...those kids were mad annoying.

REAL WORLD:...is mad wack.

Is that all? I think so. I'm sleepy. Peace.


I can't stop posting...

I know I just posted like, an hour ago. But I had to comment on some things.


Will you think less of me if I admit that I got a little choked up at LC being so upset over Jason? I'm Team LC, all the way, and she clearly displayed her maturity and composure at the benefit/fashion show/excuse for rich people to get drunk and strut, strut, strut-- she could have shot Jason in the head, and I don't think people would have minded. I actually used to feel bad for Jessica, but not anymore. She seems like a sad little hussy. And good for LC for taking a stand. Jason isn't all that anyways. And Cedric...um. Pink briefs? I know you're trying to seduce Jason and all, but come on. And who knew there were different neighborhoods in Laguna Beach? From the beginning credits, it's obvious now that Dieter and Trey live in the poorer part of town, the town that has to build hillside huts that wash away in a landslide. But you know if anything ever happend in the "wealthier" part of town, LC's house would pretty much be fucked.
Here's a fine image, plucked from the pages of GoogleImages. I'm assuming, from LC's frightening outfit, that it's from a totally cool LB party that people posted pictures from and now losers like me are google searching for. Yea, I'd say that's where it's from.


BRIANNE IS A PSYCHO BITCH. But the show's gonna suck without her! Good luck, crazy girl. I predict Atoosa placing a restraining order on her within the month. Doesn't it seem like everything they do is some test of their devotion to Seventeen? That whole Damien Fahey, let-me-ask-you-your-favorite-article thing was suspicious. And they sure love the arts and crafts in that house. It's a shame it wasn't more like Real World, and they don't go out and get drunk all the time.

in real news...

At the moment, I'm only registed for 9 credits next semester--WTF? I registered this afternoon, nothing I wanted was opened, so when I went back earlier this night, SJU Central said I was "not allowed to register at the time." dsfkKSDFdfsksdlFJLKEWIP!!!JK#@P!!:@:K#!L:@#K!@#O)!@#

ok, that's all.

I wonder if my writing has even improved?