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Gilmore Girls


Highly disapointed in this episode, and extremely angry that they're trying to make us believe that Luke wouldn't tell Lorelai about his spawn while going on and on in the previous episode about secrets. So wack. I quit watching All My Children for a reason, but it seems the soap-operaness has found a way to invade my Tuesday nights. I think it would be interesting if Luke told Lorelai about the kid, and they had to both deal with April as well as her secret-keeping mom, who I read is being played by...the lady who went out with Jess's dad when he went to visit California (in other words,the episode that was supposed to set up the Jess spin-off, but never did.) Wow, that's...the stupidest thing I ever heard. I know the producers obviously don't care about the show anymore, but some of us do, and some of us remember that sort of shit, and some of us even have the season 4 DVDs and can check to make sure they're not going crazy when they finally see this repeat chick on their screen. Sheesh. It bothers me.

Too many sub-plots (keep secondary characters secondary PLEASE), too much Rory, too much wasted time in my precious hour. It's always been present in past seasons but lately it's been constant--our Gabmore Girls like to talk, talk, talk but never really do or say anything of importance. And when they finally do have important scenes (Luke and Lorelai reconciling in season 5, Luke"proposing" to Lorelai with the ring), they DON'T SHOW IT. I understand the writers just love the fact that their scripts are super long, and they drop so many pop culture and literary references that half of us never even get, and it's so darn quirky!, but come on. Don't just say something, do something, and make it good. If not for you, but for us. (by us, I mean the fans, of course)

Way to begin a six-week hiatus on the lowest point you could find.

The Amazing Race

I know I was a huge fan of the Weavers, but it's starting to diminish. I know everyone hates them, but they don't have to bring the Christian card in all the time. They talk shit, too, and they shouldn't get on a high horse about supposedly not talking shit. Their pity party is getting old, and I'm pretty sure Jesus hates a whiner.

Are they gonna leave the country again, ever? Being in America is boring. Everyone speaks english and it's not as fun as watching the contestants in, like, Bangladesh, trying to speak to the locals.
Nice non-elimination round this time, but the other contestants aren't going to give "Florida" any money to help them out. Perhaps the Lord can send a wire over with some cash?

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