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from the bottom of my broken heart

Hey, do you remember all those awesome times we had? Like, that time I used you to make amateur video of Hat Night and the last night of Connolly's. Or, how about the time you met George Clinton with me? Those times were great.

I just wanted to let you know that you were nothing but awesome to me--you provided me with high-quality photos, a multitude of settings, video mode, and a sleek, stylish, compact design. I want to apologize for treating you so badly. It's all my fault you're stuck in a warehouse in New Jersey, and you cost so much to repair, and it's all my fault I refuse to pay it. I treated you with the same care I did with your gold cousin, who perished last march, and I'm sorry. I thought I learned my lesson-- I hadn't. I dropped you and you broke and I'm sorry. I'm just sad you have to feel the pain of my stupid decisions.

Digi Cam-- I still have hope that one day we can be together again (as long as the price is right.) You know I saw the most beautiful image today--the sky was a clear blue, and in between the dark warehouses and buildings, its looked like a painting. From my driver seat I strained to imagine what it would look like in a 4X4 screen; I tried imprinting it into my brain; tried uploading a memory into my computer. But it just wan't the same. And it's all my fault.

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