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snap, I've been so anxious lately. I don't know what it is. I'm just jumpy and nervous and shit. Today I went to a preview of The Ice Harvest in preparation for my fantabulous round-table interview on monday with JOHN CUSACK and HAROLD RAMIS WHAT WHAT I KNOW. But more on that another day.

I won't say how I feel about the movie yet. I'll just say it's a dark christmas comedy starring John Cusack and Billy Bob Thorton. Way to ruin Christmas for the 2nd time, Billy Bob.

So yes, today. I had to be in the city by 3:30, and since I hate the q46, I decided I'd drive to 71st & Continental. Bad idea. All the spots had 2 hour time limits. So then I was like, lemme drive up to the 7 train and park under the el. WRONG. Those had time limits too. So I ended up DRIVING INTO MIDTOWN MANHATTAN. Why, why, why do I do this to myself? I was so anxious driving in. I just need to relax, but it feels like I can't. Hopefully it will pass. Took me two hours to get home, which wasn't great for the nerves. I need yoga or something.

I don't have much to write, or maybe I do, but I'm just tired. Things are pretty much the same-- my camera's still broken, and it still costs as much to fix it as to buy a new one. My cell phone is still broken, too, and no one was home today to get my new one. And my internet is still being tempermental, which is pretty much ruining my life. What's the point of doing anything if I can't write an away message about it?

What's the point of taking a shower if I can't alert everyone on AIM with a "in the shower!" away message? What's the point of going to class if I can't say "at class all day!! leave one!" message?

Life just isn't worht living without AIM.

But this helps--


Gilmore Girls
Whoa. Can I just say...amazing. Well written, well acted (for the most part-- alexis bledel is always an exception), humorous yet touching. And JESS WAS BACK. He was back and he was mature and he had a book written and he was living in Philly and I read that same exact NYTimes article Whory was talking about. I was glad to see Rory shaken out of her DAR coma, and I'm glad Jess did it. And Logan-- I hate you. Way to drink and drive, asshole.
I was a big fan of those awesome Luke's Diner jerseys and track jackets, and loved the fact that those girls played dirty. It reminded me of my days as the trash-talking goalie. Lorelai projecting her fears and anxieties about Rory was touching, and is it possible to love Luke any more? He's the man. Just...just awesome. Next week looks good. According to the Ask Ausiello column on TVGuide.com (yea, laugh at me, whatever), it is supposedly the "Best.Episode.Ever."
I'll have to see about that.

Haven't watched The Amazing Race yet, but when I do, I'll write about it.

see you all later.

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