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it's november already?!?!

...went all the way to B&H to find I have to send my camera directly to casio. oh well. I went with my aunt maria down to w.4th to get lunch; i wanted mexican but the mexican place was next to indian and we decided on indian. ate some curry chicken, some nan bread, and it was good,and I was proud of myself for trying something new.
we walked around for a bit, made our way to tower records where I bought rilo kiley's "takeoffs and landings" for like, $9. I listened to it today in the ride to school, and it's alright so far. Last night I rented "Sideways" and "Crash", and attempted to watch "Sideways" but all it made me want to do was drink wine and sleep. I do intend on finishing it sometime, anytime, really, now that I don't have to pay late fees!
I'm considering getting netflix, though. Fuck blockbuster. I originally went there to rent "The Way We Were" because I'm justl ike that, and their one copy was rented. What the fuck's that about? You only have one copy of such a classic film? Bullshit, man. Just bullshit.

I watched some TV, but I'll get to that later.

Today I had school and it was glorious because Wednesday's are always my favorite day. Had a WSJU meeting, went over some awesome stuff, ate some free pizza. Came home. Now I'm here.


Gilmore Girls was a repeat, and my heart cried a little; but I'll chime in on this episode because I didn't have a blog back when it originally aired.

Like, duh, Luke said yes. But how wack was it that we had to wait until like 8:15 for them to finally make out. It was so obvious that they filmed that whole scene way after the original part because Lorelai's hair was different and she had a different necklace on. Wack. They should just film it all at once! But anyway. I'm still waiting for them to say "I love you!" to eachother-- it's obvious that they do, they show it, but I have to listen to Rory telling that douchebag Logan she loves him, but not Luke and Lorelai? Again, wack. I'm looking forward to next weeks episode, but not so much to the ones after that. If anyone out here reading this reads spoilers (yea, I read spoilers, what's it to you?), you'll know why.

AMAZING RACE: I love the Weavers, but everyone else hates them! I don't really get why. I mean, yea, they love Jesus, but not in an obnoxious way. They are just, as they say, "Christians trying to win the race, if it's God's will." The BizarroHonan's, aka the Paolo's, are so frigin annoying and so like my family that it's painful to watch. Especially when I know it's just like how my family would be if put under the same circumstances. I'm happy the Gaghan's are gone...those kids were mad annoying.

REAL WORLD:...is mad wack.

Is that all? I think so. I'm sleepy. Peace.

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