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Wow, I guess after becoming close, personal friends with John Cusack (slight exaggeration), it was hard writing about much else during the week.

This week was good.


See? I told you. I've got nothing.

Ok, ok, I'll try again.

Had a WSJU Salute Your Shorts showing--it's a shame I did'n't have cable as a youngn'. I would have totally sweated that show. Went to Queens Center Mall, FINALLY GOT MY PHONE FIXED, helped out with the editing of the Seqouya(I def spelled that wrong) ...and by helped out, I mean thought every poem was "alright" and ate pizza. I just can't judge poetry-- to be honest, most of it just sounds pretty blah to me. Went to Roosevelt Field, got some makeup and a north face fleece for my birthday. That's right--no more Kohl's columbia fleece for me. I'm moving into straight-up high class, moderately gangsta territory with the North Face logo on my chest.

Worked today from 1-7, and later tonight I'm kicking it old school by having my parents drive me to Nosa's 21st birthday in BK. Why, you may ask, are you recreating your entire sophomore & junior year sweet 16 experience with your mom waiting outside in the mini van? BECAUSE I HAVE WORK AT 7 AM TOMORROW. Damn. I planned on having an All Borough Booze Fest, where I would drink with friends starting at SJU, on the train into BK, back in Manhattan, and then, who knows. Maybe a hop on the staten island ferry or a stop on the 4 to the bronx so I can booze in all 5 boroughs in one night/morning. Alas, the deli prevented me from doing this.

But hey. MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP. Whoa. I'm having my Super Sweet 20th Extravaganza on Thanksgiving eve, where people get to pre-game with the best of them in honor of my birthday. I also want to plan something amazing the week we get back from school, too, including my Monday, 11/28 birthday invasion of the 4th floor of marillac hall, as well as a trip to UCB.


Gilmore Girls
Good episode. Lorelai and Emily on the plane=slight tears. Lorelai's last line about Emily not loosing here was :sniffle:. Luke's long-lost daughter was expected (remember? I'm an internet spoiler loser), but not as bad as I thought. I mean, it's still a pretty wack and contrived storyline (they don't sell condoms in Connecticut?), but I'm hoping for the best. The girl totally didnt' seem psyched to find out Luke was her dad, though. Doesn't she know he is the greatest guy ever? Christopher coming back is never good though. Dude, you're a dead beat dad, I don't care how much money you have. That bedroom set was pretty hideous, and that Desperate Housewives jab was EXCELLENT. Next week--Thanksgiving! And does Luke tell Lorelai about his spawn wandering around Woodbury? I hope so--remember, "no secrets."
But after that it's the hell known as the month-long hiatus. What am I supposed to do with myself?

No TAR this week. :(

stay warm

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