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Last night, I went to see "Jarhead." I thought it was good, even with it being very anti-climactic. I think someone said after we got out that "nothing happened", which was true, I guess, but I suppose that's the truth. I've never seen combat; never been to the middle east or worn a uniform or ever had oil rain down on me, but the person who wrote this book-turned-movie did, so if this is his memory/view of war, I can't got around and say "nothing happened." It's his experience. I read a review of "Jarhead" that called it anti-war and anti-soldier, but I disagree. I don't think showing people's humanity is being mean. He didn't gloss over anything. The ending really drew parallels to what's going on today, and it was sad watching these Marines jump up and down once the war was over and say "We're never coming back to this place again!" Oh, if only they knew. Jake Gyl(I obviously can't spell his last name) was just too hot for words. And he was bare-assed in this film lots of times, making my $10.25 charge worth it.

While we're on the topic of a meaningful and well-done film, let's flip the switch completely and talk about my littlle film production 101 movie that I had today. First off, loading the film in the arriflex is hard. Very hard. And I'm slow, so it's that much harder. I also only used 3 of the 5 rolls of film provided, but I'm thinking of going back tomorrow after work and filming some additional filler things. Teeny and Bobby did an awesome job, and I can't thank them enough for dealing with my horrible directions, like....

"Um, yea, ok, yea, that's looks alright. Yea, whatever, whatever you wanna do is fine." Man, oh, man.

We filmed on the beach, which was funny. I hope everything comes out, the beach scenes were awesome; it was right around sunset, even though it won't come out bc it's black and white, but it looked nice.

But with my luck, none of it came out. OhH well. I'll just...fail my class? I mean, I'm doing so awesome in all my other classes, it shouldn't be a big deal. Oh...wait.

The rest of hte fam went to Stew Leonards in CT and brought back apple pie, amongst other things. But all I seem to remember is the delicious apple pie.

I have work at 7 tomorrow, which actually isn't as bad as it sounds. I get to open with Bryanne, which is always fun. Who wants a bacon egg and cheese tomorrow? I do make the greatest ones.

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