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My day, in odd sentence structure

...Voted this morning. Fell asleep in my Anthropology class even though I like my professor and felt horrible-- I couldn't help it, though. Had a lot of those half awake/half asleep dreams; in one, my professor handed out light blue pieces of paper, in another, he yelled at me for sleeping, in another, the class left without me. Got tea in Marillac, stopped by the T-Mobile kiosk and secretly coveted the Razr and Sidekick. Discussed this half awake/half asleep dreams with Erica in Contemporary TV. Watched The Dick Van Dyke show, and laughed talking about Family Guy's censorship of it. The ____ Van ___ Show. Had a WSJU meeting, faxed over some things for A November to Remember, laughed a lot, finished my TV Production homework. Shit was mad hard. Sat down in the studio to realize I smelled bad--pulling clothes from the middle of my giant clothes pile backfired. Embarrased. Made sure I didn't raise my arms the rest of the class, which prevented me from being a camera operator on our mock production. Fucked around with the Chyron. Sat around. Got a 98 on my practical, which should balance out my 60 on the written great. Went to charge my phone but found that the charger hole fell out again. Drove to Verizon on Austin St.; couldn't parallel park. Drivers behind me rolled their eyes. Got really nervous. Went into a parking garage, attendant yelled at me for not "pulling up" enough. Parked car, went to Verizon, was told I have to call Verizon and have them send me a new phone. Began walking back to garage but thought I had no money to pay for my car's time in garage so I went to a bank and took money out. Once I put my money in my pocket, I found $15. Great. Held Parking Garage ticket in hand and read over and over the part about making sure not to loose it because my car can't be returned without it. I lost it. Did the sign of the cross before heading back into garage. Begged and pleaded with attendant--almost cried. He made me sign something and say I took my car. Drove home, told my story to my mom, she yelled at me for being careless. Told me she'd take my car away if I didn't get more responsible. Great. Ate dinner, did some homework, computer froze, couldn't get on internet, mom told me twice that my room was a mess. Really? Thanks for that hot observation.

Gilmore Girls is tonight, but in order to not be disappointed, I will not put any expectations on it. Laguna was good yesterday; Kristen's a bitch, Stephen's annoying and talks for some odd reason in funny accents, and LC is awesome. Good for her. Jason is mutanous. Seventeen sucked because Atoosa kicked my favorite girl, Savannah, off. That whole show is a crazy loyalty test! I think Atoosa plants these people to test the girls. She plants moles. She's like Willy Wonka, when he tested all the winners of the Golden Ticket with that man in the alley asking for all his secrets. Scary.

One more thing--when I left the garage the parking attendant told me to be careful. Does he know something I don't know?

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