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So much has happened these past two days... and I haven't had time to update. Although I'm currently posting this on Thanksgiving I'm going to start with Tuesday's events, then work my way to the greatest day ever, Thanksgiving Eve.

So Tuesday, I cut two classes and attended the Golden Girls DVD signing at Barnes & Noble on 22nd and 6th. Thankfully, my awesome Aunt Maria went there right as the store opened, as I couldn't miss my 9 am Anthro class. She waited in the rain and the cold and made friends, because she is awesome. Once I arrived the place was PACKED--so many people, so many gay men, just a ridiculous amount of people there for hte Golden Girls. I managed to finagle my way in, and Aunt Maria gave me her wristband and spot on line, and went up to the cafe to watch all the madness from above. She secured a pretty great spot on line, one of hte first 25 people, and we all waited patiently for them to arrive. Everyone around me was pretty nice and we all chatted and everyone loved my Let It Bea t-shirt. If I was more enterprising I would have maybe made a couple and sold them at hte event but...I'd much rather just watch TV than think about a business.

When they finally came out it was utter chaos. People were cheering and screaming--it's hard to believe all this madness was for women in their 80's. It just shows how much love people have for the Golden Girls. When it was finally my turn to meet Betty, Rue, and Bea. I of course got all flustered. It didn't help that the B&N staff were making it their mission to give us as little time as possible with the Girls. I told them that WSJU featured them on our brochure, gave them copies, and GAVE THEM A WSJU SHOT GLASS. Bea chuckled but didn'tl ook up, and I was too nervous to be like, oh, PS, I make t-shirts using your image and likeness. So she never even got to see it, which might be a good thing, because what if she didn't like them? What if she was like, fuck you, I'm suing you, you have no legal right to this. Then I'd be screwed.

You know what pissed me off? They rushed me off that line so fast I didn't even get my actual DVD--just some one that happened to be already signed. Betty White was still signing mine and some lady goes "You only had one, right?" and hands me some DVD and is like "keep moving." Bitch.

But yo. I got a signed DVD of the Golden Girls!

Which brings me to the night to end all nights; the biggest night of the year; THANKSGIVING EVE!!!!

For the past 3 years now I've had a huge celebration in honor of my birthday (which is the 27th) on Thanksgiving Eve. I was very proud of my invitations this year, and even including an "extended version" at the party.

A lot of the party at this point is blurry, but I do remember actually getting my old video cam to work so I could preserve some things. Mad people came, it was awesome, I made a punch called "Katrina" (because when you wake up tomorrow it'll feel like a hurricane hit you!) Burn. Very tasteless and I believe possibly too soon, but I wasn't the only one thinking it--Chris Walsh added "when you wake up tomorrow you'll be very, very poor." There was sangria, there was mac & cheese and fried chicken (I had a southern food theme, so Schmitty brought my SoCo), there were fudgey/raw brownies and music and shots of Jager straight from the bottle and lots of good times had by all. There was a birthday crown, too, and a toast by Timmy Kuffner and great presents and great friends. And then we all got to go out after, which was awesome. The Circle was being wack, as usual, and when they didn't let in Casey or Catherine we hightailed it to the Tap & Grill (thanks for the ride, marybeth), where upon entering the bar I had flashbacks to being 16. Honestly, I think my first thankgiving eve, 5 days before my 16th birthday, was celebrated at the Tap. It was good though--saw some awesome people, including Meghan Valenti. We got a hot tip that the 5-0 was about ready to bust the place, so Casey, Catherine and I got out through the kitchen before the fuzz could get us. We walked to Connolly's which had just been raided, chatted with Jeff and Jack, and went inside. Indaculture was playing, we danced around a lot, I did a shot of Blackhaus (thanks Jason) and realized that wearing a birthday crown gets you free drinks. I might just wear a birthday crown every time I go to a new bar now. I remember having "Happy Birthday" be sung to me, but it might have been a dream.

This morning I felt lousy, and threw up(wine & sharp cheddar cheese isn't a good mix), and realized that I probably helped prepare all my friends for Thanksgiving Dinner by filling them up with liquor that they'd throw up on Thanksgiving Morning. I'm happy I could assist in clearing out their systems.

My actual birthday is this Sunday, and I will prepare a post on leaving being a teenager behind. Yikes. Twenty.

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