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Things I didn't want to hear today, but did, from my coworker ...

Wait, some background. She's old and stuff, and she told me about how she and her boyfriend were planning a vacation somewhere (poconos? birkshires? hunter? something resorty), and they were going in two weeks.

Ready? Ok:

"God, I have to run to the bathroom again."

Ok, that's enough. you don't need to tell me what your'e going to the bathroom for; I've got the grill covered, there's no line, just go. GO. Save the story for another time, will you?

"My chest has been hurting me, see, and that usually means I'm getting my period. The past few weeks my chest hasbeen hurting me right before I get my period. Everything's so messed up lately, I mean, I'm 41, I don't know if I'm going through The Change, but I just don't know what to expect from my period--"

Ok, God, stop talking about your period. Stop talking about The Change. Just...stop.

At this point I was just in the corner of the grill, scraping off burnt eggs,looking down, trying to avoid any eye contact. I didn't think it coudl get any worse. But it did.

"--and I really hope I get my period this week because God, I sure don't want it next week, if you know what I'm saying."

Yea, I do know. Sadly, I know.

old people talking about sex in general, let alone their OWN sex, is just bad. wrong. ick. yuck.

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