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Today I shared a hotel room with John Cusack.I attended a round-table interview for the new film The Ice Harvest, starring John Cusack and directed by HArold Ramis. It was held in the Regency Hotel, 19th floor, there was free food, free drinks, and AN INTIMATE MEETING WITH JOHN CUSACK AND HAROLD RAMIS. It was intense. There were representatives from other colleges (NYU, Barnard, Columbia, Pratt, Baruch, Fordham, & Pace) and their newspapers and radio stations, plus these two writers for internet movie pages. We had around 25 minutes to ask both celebs questions about the movie, but since the movie sucked major ass, we all just found ways to connect it to John Cusack and Harold Ramis movies that were actually good. By we, of course, I mean everyone else, because I was too overwhelmed to actually get a question out. Besides that, the two non-college students hogged all the time, and it was like a fight just to get a word in edge wise. One of these guys actually asked John Cusack if he still kickboxed. Idiot.
John Cusack looks like...John Cusack in person. He has good skin, no wrinkles, a baby face, and is pretty tall. He laughed at a comment I managed to get in about christmas movies ("People just shove snow and a red bow in a film and it becomes a Christmas movie"), I mean, really making eye contact with me and laughing. Obviously, it means he fell in love with me on the spot and has plans to marry me. Right? I didn't ask him for a photo, though, because a) someone told me he hated photos and b) one kid did, and he kind of brushed him off and told him he had some stuff to do. I didn't want to be that guy, who was all, John Cusack, take a photo of me holding my radio stations shirt, even though I probably should have. John Cusack! Lloyd Fucking Dobbler, man!
There were plenty of tool-ish questions (expected from the pretentious institutions in attendance), about film style and "preparation" and "inspiration" for the film. Someone asked Harold Ramis what "films he watched in preparation for such a film-noir piece" and he said "I'm nto a film student-- I don't like to pay homage to other films. I dont' watch other films before I make my own, because I don't like to copy."
After it was over I asked Cusack to sign my press kit and he did, even though he signed black ink on the one part that was ink...kind of a stupid thing to do. Everyone seemed to bounce pretty quickly after it was over, but I stayed behind "fiddling" with my tape recorder and "adjusting" my bag. I was in a hotel room with John Cusack & Harold Ramis, for Shit's sake, I wasn't abotu to make a mad dash to the elevator just because it was technically over.
And good thing I didn't, because I got to RIDE THE ELEVATOR DOWN 19 FLOORS WITH JOHN CUSACK AND HAROLD RAMIS. I remember thinking, good thing I wore extra deodorant today!
The kid from Fordham was there too, and Harold Ramis asked us what school we went to. He actually knew about St John's and was like "Oh, Bill Wennington, right?", naming a former b-ball player from our university. Whoa. Dude. He made fucking National Lampoons', and he's talking to me about college? Shit.
We reached the lobby, and John and his press agent went one way and I went the other. I should have followed them or something. Either way, it was awesome, and I hope WSJU has more opportunities like this.
Finally finished The Amazing Race-- peace out BizarroHonan's! And, good Lord, why do they have to keep torturing the Weaver's by making them complete tasks having to do with race car driving? THERE DAD WAS KILLED ON A RACE TRACK.
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