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As I mentioned in the previous post I've been feeling anxious lately and I'm not sure why. Maybe I do-- I make things difficult for myself. I worry about things I shouldn't. I scan Facebook Photos and worry that people have more fun than me, that I'm missing out on something, that I'm wasting my time. I worry college is going too fast, that I'm not having enough fun. But at the same time, I worry I'm not spending enough time on schoolwork, that I'm going to loose my scholarship, that I'm going to become a waste of life. I worry that everythign I write should be re-written, that everything I say should have been kept to myself, and that everything I aspire to will be useless. Sometimes I have so many ideas swirling around my head that it's hard to just follow through with anything. Maybe I just need to take one big long nap.

But anyways! Good news! My footage from my movie came out great! Now, it's just on to the tedious task of editing. Which, is probably the hardest part.

Saw the FireBird Band last night at Sin-E with CG and Matthew Francis. What an amazing, insane night. We brown-bagged it on the train, I dropped a red stripe on the platform, we danced a lot, we wandered around, and I GOT BIT BY A DOG. Yes. I did. My hand still hurts. I'd have pictures but...oh, wait. MY CAMERA'S STILL BROKEN.

I sure know how to find a touch of grey in everything, right?

There's more!
The phone the insurance company sent me as a replacement is defective. Of course. Why wouldn't it be defective?

I might post again later. I need to watch some TV for now.

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