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(i apologize for that really bad joke. i needed a decently clever title, alright?)

Last night, The Forms played a show at a house party. It was amazing. There was food, for starters--like, 6 ft heroes and dip. And the house, which had just been renovated (and looked great, btw), had like no furniture on the 1st floor, making it absolutley awesome for the party.

The Forms kicked ass. Alex kinda looked like the Unabomber, which was scary, but they premiered a new song and I can't wait to hear even more of their new songs. There was plenty of dancing, and it was so hardcore awesome, being in an empty house with a really great band playing inches away from me. After their set was over the Kenny Brothers turned it into a cover-song extravaganza, letting me sing Walking in Mempis (bad idea) and then letting me play the drums on some songs (worse idea.) Although, for someone who's never had a real drum lesson and has never spent more than 10 minutes on a drum set, I thought I didn't do that bad.

I couldn't remember the last verse to Walking in Memphis...something....I know there was something about him being a Christian child, ma'am I am tonight, but I couldn't remember what led up to it. You know, it happens sometimes.

Indaculture came later and they played with the Kenny Brothers and it was like, this amazing jam session with people who have never played before. I can't really hear out of my left ear that well but it was worth it.

Thanks to Dave for throwing such a kickass party--it's giving me ideas for the summer. I want to throw a huge backyard party and have bands play.

Christmas Eve tonight---party at the Galvins, as well as some other party hopping.

My head still feels funny from last night, so I keep messing up my tenses and the wording on these sentences so I'm going to head out--

Merry Christmas !!!

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