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thought i was a donut, ya tried to glaze me


man oh man

do you know what word makes me want to rip my hair out?


oh, God. I can't even type it.

yummy, yummies, yum...any way, it kills me. It's just...say something tastes good, is it that difficult? I think I even prefer the "mmm" sound to the Y word.

just a random rant because sad things were at the top of my page.

lately I've:

-said goodbye to classes...my 5th semester, over. very scary
-went to the b-ball game wed, pregamed with trish and erica in my car right on union, the height of sophistication. we smoked black & milds, too, so dont' worry about us not beign ghetto enough. we still got the hood in us, ya hear?
-afterwords went to traditions and played flip cup; tried last call at around 2 but were not allowed in. filled to capacity?
-thursday went to bridgid's to help with the sequouya...stayed over there in the world's most beautiful apartment in the guest room (yes, she's in college and she has a guest room) because my mom was afraid of the snow and I had to edit my film. there was so much snow friday! oh, wait.
-spent my whole day in the editing lab friday...came home, stopped by work, hung out at the maguire's. sleeeept
-saturday I bonded all day long with stella, and even walked her. yes, you read right. I walked stella on teh beach and it was great--but don't get any ideas. it was a very rare thing. later that night went out to nora's restaurant in marine park with marybeth and casey...it was good. chilled at marybeth's where we looked at pics from the old days and saw my mom wearing lots of really ugly sweaters. oh, the 80's. drove them to the blarney and was there for 5 minutes; went home and slept.
-sunday we took stella to petsmart in levittown to get a picture with santa...no, seriously. it was kind of wack but stella enjoyed the pet store. came home, at food, went to KP.

2 more finals...showed my final movie today, went well. everyone in my class had awesome movies--i'm proud of us.

manhattan college this thursday? say peace the fuck out to fall '05 semester by boozing it with cbear? perhaps. I hope so. I need to get into this whole "having fun mode"

need to go shopping very badly. I bought one christmas present so far....very bad.

CHRISTMAS PARTY THIS SATURDAY. Oh, snap. deli workers will be representing to the fullest. many surprises in store.

final in like 9 hours. peace.

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