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Damn you, TWU.

Tonight, I was supposed to see Nightmare of You at the Bowery with CG...but there is no running bus or train. And I would drive in...but I'm not crazy or smoking crack. So yea--you guys ruined it.

Listen, Transit Workers, I am pro-union and I am trying to support you. But check this out-- you are taking the city hostage. And before Christmas, no less. I'm all about you sticking it to the man but it's the lives of your fellow New Yorker's--people who work hard like you-- that you are messing up. You are ruining people's work week, having those even less fortunate than you have no place to get to work. These hardworking people are loosing out on money, money that they need as much as you need to "retire" at 55 and get an 8% raise over 3 years. Shit-- that is ridiculous. And what about the homeless people who sleep in the stations and on the trains? You kicked them out of their travelling home, the only home they know. Way to go.

I understand it's hard--your jobs are hard, living in New York is hard, and it's hard just trying to make ends meet and raise a family on your salaries. But you're not in this alone. My mom is a teacher, and taught for 2 YEARS without a contract. The city screwed her and those like her over, too, and there were pickets and chants and threatening signs, but THEY NEVER HAD A STRIKE. I used to ask my mom why she didn't strike (I'm all about sticking it to the man) and she said it would only hurt her and her co-workers. She reminded me of those Taylor Law rules, the 2 docked pay days for every day she striked, and she made me do the math and reminded me that we have, you know, bills to pay. She did strike in the 70's, but back when she was single, before she had a mortgage, a husband, and three (yes, Stella is included) little darlings to feed, clothe, and make an effort to educate. I stopped calling my mom a wimp for not striking after that, and saw that sometimes, in a radical effort to stick it to someone else, you end up sticking it to yourself.

But even if teachers did strike, it wouldn't be as crippling as your strike is. The City doesn't value teachers or education anyway, so I doubt they'd mind. I think as long as Bloomberg doesn't have to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, he wouldnt' even notice teachers striking.

(I'm joking, but it's half true.)

What I'm trying to say is--you guys are being a bunch of babies. I'll say it again; I'm pro-union, and my mom taught me years ago that they are good for workers, and warned me to never, ever, even if there is a million dollars waiting at the other side, cross a picket line. But you're not doing any good for the people of the city that respect and appreciate you; the regular people who strain to listen to your inaudible messages on the train, ignore the ever-present smells in the stations, and thank you when getting off your bus (at least, I do). You're hurting us-- so get back on your G-Damned trains and bus!


The Gauntlet

Are all the challenged going to involve them running things across a grassy field? These things are boring. Give me some high-wire challenges or something. And Cameron--"yes mother I have a vibrator"--you didn't deserve to be in Trini in the first place. Aneesa--yikes. Leave your sassy attittude at home, will you? I didn't even know who you were yelling at, and while I appreciate you calling Cammy a quitter, it was all too much. And the actual Gauntlet isn't scary enough-- it needs to be in a firey pit again.

Miss Seventeen

Whoa. Roseanne predicted Jessica would be in the final episode, but I never thought I'd see Cryfest Jen there. And could Atoosa get any more amazing at her job? Forget Martha, Puff Daddy, The Donald-- if anyone on TV knows just waht to do to make a reality show compelling, it's Atoosa. I mean, she brought back PsychoStalker Brianne, who left out of frustration after Jen and Jess answered her questions with such heart, honesty, and the right amount of venom, I wanted to give them both the cover. Bringing Brianne back was just an added twist, a cheap shot, even; but it brought in drama, which is the main ingredient in any reality show. On a vain note, I think Jess would have made a better cover model; but Jen did have a better speech. It seems the Immigrant daughter of un-educated parents had nothing over a girl whose parents were locked up for giving dirty heroine to a girl who eventually died from it. Congratulations! A role model needs some sort of shady past, and Jen certaintly has hers.

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