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stand clear of the closing doors please

pure comedy during chaos:

ANGRY PEDESTRIAN: Get back to work, you idiots!

TWU WORKER: I may be an idiot, but you're the one who's walking!

Mayor Bloomberg is mad gully--he never backed down and he stood up to Touissaint, even after he pulled out the race card (I read about it in the Times). First off, you were being thugs, and don't EVEN compare your strike to the actions of Rosa Parks. It's disrespectful to everything she went through and everything she did; and striking hurt every person in this city, no matter what their race.

So yea, good for you Mike. How could he be racist, anyways-- he used to date Diana Ross!!!

(I don't know why I write with this idea that the TWU people read it or something--like it's a personal letter to them. What gives.)


cg said...

dont cry, ur effing brilliant... get drunk for me tonight

Angry TWU member said...

you have no idea what u are talking about... and mayor mike is a racist

Katie said...

your mom has no idea what she's talking about...who went there? I did. ha ha

I wonder if my writing has even improved?