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The most important realization I made this weekend is definetely the fact that the Wendy's on Parsons & Kissenna still sells $.99 jr. bacon cheeseburgers. When I found out that the JBC was no longer featured on most Wendy's $.99 menus, I was heartbroken; almost as heartbroken as when they, without warning, removed the Pitas from the Wendy's menu (God, what I wouldn't do for a chicken caesar pita right now.) I'm happy to know that at least one Wendy's still sells the JBC for $1.07 (with tax), although I question why they sell it and other Wendy's don't. I guess it's better to not question these things and just enjoy it.

I also realized that miracles happen when "November Rain" comes on a bar jukebox. We thought Erica's phone, which inexplicably got wet and wasn't turning on, was a goner. That is, until halfway through the classic GnR song came on. Halfway through, poof! The little Verizon sign came on the screen. It was a miracle!

Clare's 21st birthday bash was last night at Butterfield 8. Fran & Mike stopped in for a few, and we gave Cbear her present-- a beautiful necklace, to signify the "circle of friends", and of course, the amazing scrapbook. She loved everything and wisely sent the presents back home with my parents, because intoxication leads to losing things.

Butterfield 8 (which, for an entire week, I kept calling Battlefield 8, which sounds like the John Travolta movie) is this insanely swanky place with reserved circular and leather booths that just made me feel poor. When Clare puts her pics up I'll post them on here, and hopefully give a full recap because my head is still fuzzy from the open bar.

Just finished watching the St. Johns-WVU game--shit, that team never ceases to surprise me. They managed to come within 2 in the last minute of the game, and I'm incredibly proud.

The women beat WVU earlier in the day, and they played an incredible game as well.

Ok, I have homework to do.

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Erica said...

thank god for guns n roses!

I wonder if my writing has even improved?