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I start school on Wednesday...yikes. This semester I'm going to be so insanely busy, but I'm actually, in a sick way, looking forward to it. I like being busy--I get more done when the pressure's on. Mondays and Wednesdays I'm going to be out of my house by 8, and probably not back until 10:15ish, which sounds scary. Hopefully I won't pass out from exhaustion during the commute to class or home.

This break has been alright--nothing too crazy went on, which is good.

I got waitlisted for Rome, which is an extreme bummer. It sucks because they don't put your class standing into consideration, which means some bratty freshman who handed his or her paper in 3 days before me will get to go, and I might not. This is my last possible chance to go, and some little kid is going to ruin it. Oh, and they also let students from OTHER SCHOOLS go. WTF. I've been paying tuition here for 3 years, the least they can do is bump me up on the list.

I'm out.

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