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shit...will smith has aids??

Has anyone seen those ads in subway stations that has all these celebrities under a caption that says "We all have AIDS"? I understand that they really don't all have AIDS, and that the whole point of it is to explain that we, as human beings, should sympathize with those suffering from this horrible disease; and that if one person has AIDS, we all do, because duh, it's humanity. But still--it's a little unsettling, as you're whizzing by on the train, to see that title.

My first week (well, half week) of school was hectic, interesting, and kind of exciting. I had 3 of my 5 classes, and they all seem pretty cool so far. My Business of Film & Video seems like the biggest challenge--it's on the manhattan campus, wednesday nights, and I have to get there right after QPTV, so it'll be a lot of quick commuting. The assignments aren't necessarily hard but they are challenging; they force me to actually network. But it's awesome. My whole major is about networking, and my professor is going to have a guest speaker every class; someone who is actually making this whole "working in the entertainment business" thing work for them.

I have visual aesthetics tues/thurs at 9, which sucks, but it's with Professor Sherman, who's cool. Contemporary Cinema is with some new professor but he seems cool too. That's on the manhattan campus, too, which is another pain in the ass.

If the TWU strikes again I'm screeeewed....but I doubt they'd have school. Everyone would be screwed.

WSJU's first broadcast day is tomorrow--the Activities Fair is Tuesday.

This past Friday Shilaleigh Law played at the Circle and it was PACKED. Like, insanely packed. Think, Connolly's during the hard body contest packed. Everyone and there mom (literally) was there, and I don't even remember if the band was that good or not. Wait, I do remember hearing "Christmas in New York" and "Fields of Athenry" but you could barely hear them and it was just very crazy. Went home kind of early, took a cab with Jagear and Cbear. Came home and put a movie on and fell asleep.

Saturday my dad and I went to the legacy game at the Garden, where St. John's played Pitt. Try to imagine it-- we just beat a nationally ranked Lousville, which built our confidence but Pitt was undefeated AND ranked at #9.

The first 15 minutes of the game, we were up 12-0. That's right. Zero. They didnt' score in 15 minutes. We led by 19 (19!) at the half, and even though we blew the lead towards the end (St. John's would be ranked #1 if basketball games were like only 30 minutes long) we managed to win. If I wasn't with my dad I would have rushed the court with the rest of the people who did but...we just applauded in our seats.

Went to Zum Stammtish after the game and ate some awesome german food. Uh, came home and watched TV.

Tomorrow is my first day of the internship!

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