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sorta, kinda rockin' new years eve

I hate New Years Eve. It's always completly hyped up and expensive and I never seem to have as much fun as I hope-- and ever since that disaster at the Pier many years ago, where I paid $55 for all I could eat/drink, and they ran out of cups and booze and the cops were suspiciously called at 1 am, I've been wary of those flat-rate things held at bars and featuring a midnight champagne toast and a DJ, all pretty ordinary things but all of a sudden MAGICAL! because they're being featured on New Years Eve. I prefer any other Eve holiday--Thanksgiving (of course), Christmas, even Easter Saturday. But fuck New Years Eve-- I'll toast myself at midnigh and listen to my iPod.

So yea. This New Years, absolutely nothign was going on back here; everyoen I spoke to was undecided, all knowing of places to go, but all very "ehh, ahhh, I dunnooo" about them. I decided I'd work Saturday, because I have some pretty big things planned in 2006, and someone has to pay for them. I thought I'd have to work until 8, so when RoHo, Clare, and Beth (my usual NYE homies) decided they'd suck it up and go to Martel's on 83rd and 3rd for a $60 event, I was at first a little bummed because I wouldn't be able to go, but mainly certain that I would not spend that much for my New Years Event, whatever it turned out to be.

I got out of work at 6:30--nice and early-- but I was sniffly and had a fever, and threats from Clare, who realized I was home and could possibly go, went ignored. I'd put on some jeans and a shirt and bring my $9.99 bottle of White Z over to Jacie's, instead, where Kerry and Kmag and KBrady were going, say peace the fuck out to 2005 courtesy of Ste-pheeeeen, and be home by 12:15. Nice and simple.

Well, almost. Almost all of Indaculture came over to the Weber's, which led to us goign to a house party at the Rudolph's, which was filled with lots of drunk young'ns. I rang in the new year with fun little kids and a bottle of Andre ($4.99) that KMag brought over and it was really fun and really random, even though I embarrased myself in flip cup. Honestly, I'm usually really awesome.

After that, we stopped at Jameson's, which was as horrible as I imagined; we walked outside, about to call a cab to 116th to make a new year's trip to Pickle's but a yellow cab pulled up, someone fell out, I fell trying to pick up her phone, and we hopped in. We met another yellow cab, carrying Clare and RoHo, in the parking lot of the diner, which was sadly not open. Why the fuck isn't that place open 24 hours? Oh, right-- because it would jsut be filled with the likes of me.

We went to D&D, where I dropped a bottle of beer (bought for me) and I tipped them even though I didn't order anything; we went ot Pickles where I bought a hostess cupcake ($1) and I walked home with KBrady, but not before we almost got beat up by a 45 year old blvd. trash man. Scary.

My New Years Eve cost me :$10.99. And I got to listen to music and drink champagne (out of hte bottle) at midnight. Word up.

NEw Years Day-- had a brunch, finally participated in the 119th street dip. Jumping in the water wasn't as bad as I thought, although next time I won't go in with a t-shirt on (I thoughti t would keep me warmer, but it just like, froze to me. Not cool). I felt...rejuvenated jumping in there, like I was cleaning the slate for a new year, doing something crazy and with all of my crazy neighbors.

LAtely I've been doing nothing, which I am enjoying too much. I hope the rain goes away.

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