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Gilmore Girls

A two bedroom apartment, with a living room, kitchen, bathroom; 10 minutes from school, a shuttle bus to campus, and possible drug dealers on the bottom floor? I think Rory is living in the ultimate college apartment. I'd be happy with a studio apartment, a micro-fridge, and a hot pot to boil water for ramen and easy mac so long as it was 10 minutes from school. I'm living the good life here at home this year, especially with Sassy the Rav, but I miss the "college experience", if I can be so corny to call it that.

But yea. I didn't think I could hate Logan anymore, but, alas, the smug brat made me hate him even more with his idea that just showing up with coffee would win Rory back. I enjoyed his leather jacket, but nothing else; and although I hate Rory, she could use some time alone to get her life in order, without dead wealthy weight around. Trim the fat, Rory! Maybe then you wouldn't have to have a meltdown/improv comedy session with your psychologist, who was, I'll admit, a little bit nosey.

I didn't know what to think with that "scene", with that "acting." I know TV Guide (ok, and me) rightfully get in a tizzy when GG gets snubbed for almost every award show--so they can nominate every Desperate Housewife down to that old annoying lady who actually might have died, and the entire cast of Will & Grace for being the most cartoonish characters ever--but you know it's not because of Alexis Bledel. You'd think working for 6 seasons with Lauren Graham, an actress who deserves tons of awards (not just ones that are surfboards), you'd pick something up. Sheesh.

I'm still unsure about Lorelai's dress, about Luke's little kid, about how it's all going to play out. I'll just have to wait for next week.

The Gauntlet

Alton, you are a freak of nature.

There & Back

Good God, I'm ashamed to admit that I even watched this crap. I don't feel bad for a lazy musician who refuses to get a real job because he's afraid people will "recognize" him.

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