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i got a fever

...and I wish the only prescription was more cowbell! I can't get sick, because...I just can't. I skipped Visual Aesthetics today, which gave me the chance to sleep a little longer, which is just what a I needed.

And all you need to know about Iona:

BETH: Roseanne, did I fall or something? My whole body hurts.

ROHO: Yea, you fell down the stairs, actually. You looked like one of those dummies in scary movies.

BETH: Did anyone see it?

ROHO: A lot of people had gone to the bar by then--

BETH:-- Oh, thank God.

ROHO: But nah, there were still mad people there.

BETH: Ouch.

And I slept through all of this. Going to bed at 1 am at a house party is always good.

Dropping Clare off at MC the next day was like, the longest journey ever. We drove through every part of the Bronx before finding the part we needed. But we made it.

Rockaway St. Paddy's Day in-- 4! :)


when in rome...

Valentine's Day was alright. I was inspired by the new Ashlee Simpson song (inspiration comes in the weirdest places, right?) "L.O.V.E" to celebrate not some "romantic" Valentine (because I don't have one) but my "other" Valentines-- my friends and family. Corny, maybe. But I still got to drink wine & eat cheez doodles while watching TV with my "Valentines", Kerry & Teeny. I got chocolate and an umbrella. It was a good day.

I know I've been slacking on my usual TV recaps because I'm lazy, but I've been slacking on Gilmore Girls recaps because it's kinda sorta been sucking. This past weeks' "very special Valentine's Day" episode was alright--they filmed it in "Martha's Vineyard" (aka Malibu, CA), and they reminded us where we were with pixel-obvious establishing shots of piping plovers and sand dunes. I feel like the editing department got the video footage off GoogleVideo or someone's camera phone. I actually didn't hate Logan in this episode, but it's obvious how much Rory loves this rich-man's lifestyle, filled with gym dates and beach mansions and brushcetta--or what us middle class folk call, tomatoes on toast. Ha, ha.

Luke FINALLY told Lorelai he loved her, which was long overdue. I still love him, even if he was miserable and crotchety and forget to buy a present and made me angry in that last scene of the episode. Hey Luke, remember back in earlier seasons, when you could actually decipher and understand PoutyFaceLorelai? Remember when you could tell she wat upset just by looking at her? Just introduce her to your bratty, pseudo-Rory daughter, will you? And just get married. And have babies. Thanks.

Oh, and the end--shitttttt. Fitting that Emily would only put a picture of Lorelai in the paper-- I always find it amusing when I see a solo photo in the times wedding section. It's not a good sign for the future of your marriage if you can't even find a picture of you and your fiancee to put in the paper. Oh, selfish people.

Oh, Gilmore Girls. You slay me.

Good news in real life (yes, I might sort of have one)--ROME BITCHES.

I've already begun thinking of all those clever titles (I'll be re-using the one from up top, obviously) of my posts when I'll be posting from ROME. :)


snow blows

This weekend was supposed to be awesome.

Saturday, I was supposed to be on my way up to Albany for Candace's amazingly awesome & trashbally 20th Birthday bash, filled with jello shots and kegs and good times had by all.

Sunday, I was supposed to come home as early as I can, take a bus straight to the Port Authority, then head to the Garden to watch the St. John's vs. Syracuse game.....IN A SKYBOX. Yes, no $10 student section for me-- my dad's friend got free skybox tickets. Free food and free drinks (so I can drown my sorrows as the red storm embarrases itself)--YES.

Snow ruined my whole weekend.

I stayed inside the whole weekend.

I didn't have jell-o shots.

I didn't get to see my friends.

I had to watch my team embarrass itself on FSNY.

I avoided showering, getting changed out of pajamas, homework, and just sat around and ate too much.

I at least got a snow day out of it. But it doesn't make up for what was lost under 23 inches.

(that picture, by the way, was found on google images, since I have no camera. I like it, though, because it's of pineapple street, the street I want to live on in bk.)


wait...not everything lasts forever

One thing i've been obsessed with since i first found out about it are those celebrity playlists on itunes--because there's nothing I want more in life than knowing just what Jennifer Garner works out to on her ipod.

Here is a small selection of some of my favorites--

From Sharon Stone:

"F***ing You Tonight (Featuring R. Kelly)" (Track 8): "For Me, Biggie Smalls was the most talented rap musician/composerever. That's it. "

When I think of hip hop, I think of Sharon Stone--don't you?

From Alexis Bledel:

"Alpha Beta Gaga (Mark Ronson Remix featuring Rhymefest)"(Track 7): "Uh, cause it's good."

How poetic. Her bag-of-rocks acting style carries over into her writing.

From Juelz Santana:

"Dipset (Santana's Town)"(Track 19):"Because it's ME--need I say more?"

No, I think you already said enough.

This week I found out that the owners of the Diner have sold the property and it will be closing at the end of this week. I've always had a strange love of the Diner, even with their mediocre food and their forgetting to give me the pickle platter almost every time I go there. Yes, the food and service weren't that great, but it's close to my house and convenient. And, they have a crane game, which for a while I was obsessed with.

I remember when the diner was open for 24 hours--it lasted around 3 months before they wised up and realized the only people going there at 4 in the morning were usually very drunk and very destructive.

The first time I ever went out--out out, to real places-- I was 15. I schemed my way to stay over Clare's, since her parents weren't home; I originally thought my mom wouldn't let me stay over because she was home alone, and thought she'd see through my "movie night" lie into what it really was, but alas, she didn't. It's weird how sometimes parents can be so perceptive and other times they can be so dumb towards the many ways we tried to dupe them.

It was a banner night--Tap & Grill then Circle, the old Circle with the dance floor in the front and the random "party room" in the back and the booths and the floor so soaked with beer people would actually fall while dancing. We stayed until the lights came on and the DJ yelled at everyone to leave, and although I would have preffered to have gone home and slept I'm thankful that my first night out was a long one.

When we went back to Clare's house, everyone who was staying over (I think it was Tara, Beth, and another girl) changed into their pajamas and we made the decision to go to the Diner. They all smoked some shitty skinny ass joint before, and I remember I ran (ran!) to the Diner, because I only run when I'm drunk.

The Diner was nearly empty, with another table of drunk kids and maybe even some cops sitting at the opposite end. We tortured that poor waiter with our order changes and their laughter. The food wasn't that great but it was 5 in the morning and we were at a Diner, and we were all thankful.

I used to go to the Diner sunday mornings with Kerry, Teeny, and Jackie after their swim meets. If I couldnt' wake up for the meet I'd still make it to the Diner, and Kerry and I used to dream of one day living in the Diner basement. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

The Diner was always the go-to place for birthdays and our stella "reunions", where we'd put two tables together and invite all of our old high school friends and try to keep in touch. I'd order the buffalo chicken wrap and we'd all gossip and admit to how much we missed the way it used to be; we'd leave and promise to do it more often but the reunions became few and far between. That's life, right?

I'm nervous as to what they're going to put in place of the Diner. Whatever it is, it won't be The Diner, so I'm kind of sad. Even with my complaints and the fact that they could never EVER give me the pickle platter without asking, I have some part of my past in that place. It was the setting for so much and maybe I'm afraid I'll forget some things if I don't have the plasticy diner booth to remind me. But I heard they sold the place for a lot of money--of course they did, it overlooks the bay and there's that beautiful skyline view and it's location can't be beat. They have to move own, make money, get it while the getting's good, so I can't blame them.

I went to the Diner for the "last time" (I'll probably end up going again this week) yesterday with Clare & RoHo, and we waited forever just to order and then to get the food. And I had to ask for hte pickle platter, of course, and we all said good riddance, we're not missing much, it wasn't that big a deal anway. But I only meant it halfway. With all of it's negatives, it holds so much more to me, more than just the service. I hate to see it go, maybe out of fear of what's going along with it.

I wonder if my writing has even improved?