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i got a fever

...and I wish the only prescription was more cowbell! I can't get sick, because...I just can't. I skipped Visual Aesthetics today, which gave me the chance to sleep a little longer, which is just what a I needed.

And all you need to know about Iona:

BETH: Roseanne, did I fall or something? My whole body hurts.

ROHO: Yea, you fell down the stairs, actually. You looked like one of those dummies in scary movies.

BETH: Did anyone see it?

ROHO: A lot of people had gone to the bar by then--

BETH:-- Oh, thank God.

ROHO: But nah, there were still mad people there.

BETH: Ouch.

And I slept through all of this. Going to bed at 1 am at a house party is always good.

Dropping Clare off at MC the next day was like, the longest journey ever. We drove through every part of the Bronx before finding the part we needed. But we made it.

Rockaway St. Paddy's Day in-- 4! :)

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