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snow blows

This weekend was supposed to be awesome.

Saturday, I was supposed to be on my way up to Albany for Candace's amazingly awesome & trashbally 20th Birthday bash, filled with jello shots and kegs and good times had by all.

Sunday, I was supposed to come home as early as I can, take a bus straight to the Port Authority, then head to the Garden to watch the St. John's vs. Syracuse game.....IN A SKYBOX. Yes, no $10 student section for me-- my dad's friend got free skybox tickets. Free food and free drinks (so I can drown my sorrows as the red storm embarrases itself)--YES.

Snow ruined my whole weekend.

I stayed inside the whole weekend.

I didn't have jell-o shots.

I didn't get to see my friends.

I had to watch my team embarrass itself on FSNY.

I avoided showering, getting changed out of pajamas, homework, and just sat around and ate too much.

I at least got a snow day out of it. But it doesn't make up for what was lost under 23 inches.

(that picture, by the way, was found on google images, since I have no camera. I like it, though, because it's of pineapple street, the street I want to live on in bk.)

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