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Valentine's Day was alright. I was inspired by the new Ashlee Simpson song (inspiration comes in the weirdest places, right?) "L.O.V.E" to celebrate not some "romantic" Valentine (because I don't have one) but my "other" Valentines-- my friends and family. Corny, maybe. But I still got to drink wine & eat cheez doodles while watching TV with my "Valentines", Kerry & Teeny. I got chocolate and an umbrella. It was a good day.

I know I've been slacking on my usual TV recaps because I'm lazy, but I've been slacking on Gilmore Girls recaps because it's kinda sorta been sucking. This past weeks' "very special Valentine's Day" episode was alright--they filmed it in "Martha's Vineyard" (aka Malibu, CA), and they reminded us where we were with pixel-obvious establishing shots of piping plovers and sand dunes. I feel like the editing department got the video footage off GoogleVideo or someone's camera phone. I actually didn't hate Logan in this episode, but it's obvious how much Rory loves this rich-man's lifestyle, filled with gym dates and beach mansions and brushcetta--or what us middle class folk call, tomatoes on toast. Ha, ha.

Luke FINALLY told Lorelai he loved her, which was long overdue. I still love him, even if he was miserable and crotchety and forget to buy a present and made me angry in that last scene of the episode. Hey Luke, remember back in earlier seasons, when you could actually decipher and understand PoutyFaceLorelai? Remember when you could tell she wat upset just by looking at her? Just introduce her to your bratty, pseudo-Rory daughter, will you? And just get married. And have babies. Thanks.

Oh, and the end--shitttttt. Fitting that Emily would only put a picture of Lorelai in the paper-- I always find it amusing when I see a solo photo in the times wedding section. It's not a good sign for the future of your marriage if you can't even find a picture of you and your fiancee to put in the paper. Oh, selfish people.

Oh, Gilmore Girls. You slay me.

Good news in real life (yes, I might sort of have one)--ROME BITCHES.

I've already begun thinking of all those clever titles (I'll be re-using the one from up top, obviously) of my posts when I'll be posting from ROME. :)

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