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it's the springtime of my life

I always smile for no reason in the Spring. When it's sunny, and the sky is that perfect sky blue, and it's warm enough to wear just a hoodie and it's socially acceptable to wear flip flops...how can you help smiling for no reason? I've left indoor places in really bad moods and found myself feeling happier and happier as I emerge into that springtime dusk, that time around 5:15 where the sun's about to go down and it's just so...perfect. Sometimes I'm so busy and tired that I forget how nice things really are and how anything can go from winter to spring in an instant. How things can go from cold and gray to just warm enough and the bluest sky blue.

Spring makes me want to go run around a track or something, which of course I never do, but at least the thought is there. It makes me want to ride my bike and then take a nap on my hammock. It makes me want to go shopping at flea markets and go drink iced coffee in a cafe somewhere, or have a keg on the beach and walk home on the boardwalk. Drive reallyy fast with my windows down, listening to some new song that will become my favorite, my hair blowing everywhere. Spring also makes me want to wear giant white sunglasses, but that's just because they're pretty damn fly.

During this time I always want to write up a list of plans and of things I want to do and say and wear, because in the spring it seems like anything I can imagine or dream up is attainable. In the spring I always get this feeling that under beautiful white fluffy clouds dotted along the prettiest sky, I can do anything.

And until the summer time, filled with mosquitos and sticky humid hair-destroying soul-crushing heat exhaustion days, I actually believe it.

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