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Thanks to Nosa's influence I've become obsessed with Gnarls Barkley and the song "Crazy." It just makes me want to dance.

The SJU Music Fest is happening...April 29th at 1...Great Lawn....free.

We just sealed Rhymefest & other acts are in the works.

it's all happening

and it is proof of what can be done when people decide to stop talking and start doing.


ok, back to my real life

I told you I had a life! My first urban music fest was awesome, even without Candace's presence (missed you!) Casey came, and though we were off to a rough start, we had a sick time and danced a lot. Unlike the other white people in attendance, we didn't make fools of ourselves while on the floor of Carnessecca doing the dances Elephant Man told us to do. I love group dancing, and me and Casey can certaintly get down for the get down.

Since I was press, I got to go backstage and meet Papoose (one day you will know of him) and Elephant Man. We got drops (where they say who they are and talk up WSJU) and got a picture with Papoose, the self-professed kind of new york and second coming of New York rap.

Guess which one I am!

Here's a nice pic from the Circle, taken a few weeks ago, of drunken Stella girls trying to look sober.

The last night of hte Tap & Grill :(

Bryan Halpin's 21st!

Casey's 21st! (ok, now I'm going backwards)

you could say I lost my faith in the people on TV

I don't know if anyone's noticed on this blog, but in my life, the line between fiction and reality is really, really blurry. Maybe even non-existent. It began when I was younger, when I wanted to move to Sesame Street, because I thought it was real. I know what you're probably saying-- everyone wanted to move to Sesame Street. And I was young, yes. But then years later, I wanted to move to Pine Valley. I knew at 7 (and 8, and 9, and 10,...and 16) that All My Children was just a TV show, scripted and dramatized and put on by actors in a studio just 58 minutes from my house by train (not like I found out the address and made travel plans and found the fastest subway route there or anything). So I was aware that Pine Valley, PA, situated next to Llanview (and on an hour after) wasn't a real place.

But oh, how I wanted it to be real. How I wanted to hang out with the characters....not the actors. The characters. I'm talking, Hayley Santos and Erica Kane, not Kelly Ripa and Susan Lucci. Tad Martin and Dixie Cooney Martin, not Michael E. Knight and Cady McClain. The storylines and it's ups and downs could make or break my day, and I used to torture my family with my daily recaps at dinner. I had "the talk" (the talk where my family questions my mental stability and, not in so many words, tells me to shut the fuck about that fucking show already, would I?) a lot of times growing up, but it didn't help. I was crazy, sure, but my obsession with AMC introduced me to my dream job (TV Writer), let my imagination grow, and gave me something to talk about with people's moms, grandmas, and the occasional teacher.

I grew out of AMC in college, because a lot of my favorite characters left and I was "too busy" to watch it. Too busy playing Snood,talking on AIM, and taking naps... but that's a whole other story.

But don't worry. At that time I was fully immersed and obsessed with the storybook Connecticut town of Stars Hollow. MY obsession with Gilmore Girls was more managable, because it was on for only 22 episodes a season, was on at night (no taping while at school), and was (yes, I say was) a lot better written and acted than AMC. IT was more socially acceptable, I suppose, to be a fan of a WB show targeted towards me than a soap opera targeted towards me only during the summer (and targeted badly, might I add.) Gilmore Girls was a wonderfully acted (by everyone but Alexis Bledel), wonderfully written dramedy that has had me laughing and crying on many occasions. I've become invested in the characters, in the relationships, in what's supposed to happen since the first episode. But lately it's been sucking so badly, and I keep reading the most depressing and horrible spoilers, I've considered "moving" to Pine Valley again. Or to that island on Lost (wherever it is!) Or, you know, Hollywood. Where they film that little show called American Idol that the Girls is up against. All I want is a wedding for Luke and Lorelai (the chuppah! did they forget about the chuppah??) and babies for them. Not what I've been getting. And since I'm a lunatic, and that line is blurry, these things bother me more than they should.

I have other stuff going on in my life, really. A lot of good stuff, a lot of comedy and the occasional dramatic twist. I, too, have interesting and compelling characters and witty lines and I talk fast too, you witty, fast-talking characters...but still. When it comes to TV, some shows are just hard to shake. I blame my parents and my childhood for this.


Just when I thought this show could only get better, it gets worse. Last week's episode featured Anna's store selling "exclusive" items such as shirts that say "Your Boyfriend Wants me" and a Pan Am bag. So, Anna owns Urban Outfitters/Spencer Gifts? Hmm. And it's so frustrating to just watch Lorelai poutyface through the whole episode. They (and by they I mean the writers, the producers, and everyone else who is conspiring against me to make this show suck so bad) are purposely ruining the characters to set the show up for a One Tree Hill-esque dramatic cliffhanger. I don't care how aloof and distant and stupid they make Luke, there is no reasonable explanation for Lorelai to run to Christopher. Eww, ugh, blech, Christopher.

And Luke really should have taken Lorelai up on her offer to buy him luggage because the bag Anna got him was g-a-y- gay.

Tonight's episode featured the real Paul Anka, which would be cool if I gave a shit about Paul Anka or thought it was funny that his presence took the place of an actual storyline or plot development. Alright, the teaser featuring him was mildly amusing. But like I've said before, I'm sick of them trading the quick and easy chuckle for an actual storyline. Although it was amusing to watch Lorelai beat up on that flamboyant bowling bag of Luke's.

So April's school trip was 10 days long, which is so unrealistic I actually had to laugh. A 10 day trip consisting of stops only in Newark and Philly? That's like, a day trip. They acted like they were going to fucking Cancun. Who was paying for this 10 day trip? Was the school providing the cost of hotels, food, and travel expenses? Was it during a school break, or were they all missing over a week of classes? They were going away for 10 days, but they couldn't get a bus nicer than the yellow cheese bus? What kind of math tournament was this that lasted that long? I know athletes who travel to California for NCAA stuff that are still back in 2 days. California. Not Philadelphia or Newark. I know they just couldn't have Luke be there for the wedding, setting up the chance for Chris to attend and have Lorelai get drunk and cry. Great. That's really realistic. Not contrived at all, I swear.

But that "borderline racist Chris Rock impression" line was humurous, albeit throwaway (just like the rest of this show!) So bitter.

I didn't think Rory could be a bigger whore...alas. Making out with Jess and shit. In my mom's words, "He's the only guy she hasn't slept with", and I didn't know if she meant guy she's dated or, you know, only guy on planet she hasn't slept with. Whore.

Please, like Richard and Emily would ever move to Stars Hollow. Like they would ever fall for Lorelai's "quirky" tricks. Like they could ever get a convinving storyline anymore! UGH.

It was, though, funny to see Emily think she was bonding with PseudoPseudoRory (April), and then call the kid "it." And I'm glad someone's smart enough to try and make Lorelai wise up.

Can someone suggest a hobby for Tuesday nights at 8pm? IS there a quilting club meeting by me or something? Comment me if you know of a girl scout troop in need of a leader that meets on Tuesdays.

enjoy the weather.

I wonder if my writing has even improved?