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ok, back to my real life

I told you I had a life! My first urban music fest was awesome, even without Candace's presence (missed you!) Casey came, and though we were off to a rough start, we had a sick time and danced a lot. Unlike the other white people in attendance, we didn't make fools of ourselves while on the floor of Carnessecca doing the dances Elephant Man told us to do. I love group dancing, and me and Casey can certaintly get down for the get down.

Since I was press, I got to go backstage and meet Papoose (one day you will know of him) and Elephant Man. We got drops (where they say who they are and talk up WSJU) and got a picture with Papoose, the self-professed kind of new york and second coming of New York rap.

Guess which one I am!

Here's a nice pic from the Circle, taken a few weeks ago, of drunken Stella girls trying to look sober.

The last night of hte Tap & Grill :(

Bryan Halpin's 21st!

Casey's 21st! (ok, now I'm going backwards)

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cg said...

wow i love our album cover.. we look so badass.. and i swear i dont look like a drunk in the last picture thanks for embarassing me for the whole internet to see

I wonder if my writing has even improved?