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Cinco De Mayo!

People say it all the time, and for the most part, they're right--St. John's has no parties. I think it comes from being a school so close to NYC and close to actual houses that don't belong to students and from the fact that we are still mainly a commuter school. House parties are few and far between, since most people will just go out to local bars or into the city and most people don't live (without their families) in nearby houses. I never thought to leave NYC for school, because it didn't make sense with my major, and I always imagined this bar-hopping existance.

House parties are awesome, and every so often I imagine what it would be like to go to a school in the middle of nowhere if not for those crazy, there's-nothing-better-to-do, let's get shitfaced off of Keystone light and make it a crazy theme parties in someone's house that they rent for $300 a month. IT's the one thing I think I miss out on going to school where there's something other than the school going on.

But Cinco de Mayo changed that. Cinco de Mayo marked Marisa Pizza's graduation party, held at her house, which included (supposedly) sex on the sidewalk, lots of random people, drunken yelling and cheering, and (thankfully, I missed this part) streaking like in Old SChool. No, really.

Friday, 6:30pm-- I arrive at Pizza's with CBlock, Erica, Elona, and Alicia, with Lisa & Slim folliwing in a car behind me. Oh, sorry Lisa for making you ride in the bus-only turn lane, almost getting killed by a bus driver on Queens Blvd. My bad.

There were a lot of people already there, including Sunny, who looked nervous. We said hello and started drinking.

Then I left with Sunny, Elona, and Alicia to go to the SJU Film Festival. There were some really awesome movies from students, and it was an awesome time. It was a little later than I expected, and when we got back to the party I found out Dewey went streaking up and down the street and in the house. Angela recapped everythign for me so...

Thank you to the SJU Film Festival for keeping me so late, because if you had been shorter or not even happened I would have had that image in my head. So thanks.

But by that point everyone was pretty wrecked, which meant I had to switch from beer to my hidden jug of sangria, which was untouched in the fridge by grubbers because it happens to look like a jug of maple syrup. Needless to say I had a lot of explaining to do for hte rest of the evening.

So like, at around 1 I started to get really tired bc a) I was (and still am) sick and b) I was drinking. I tell everyone I'm going to take a nap in my car which is....yea, not too safe but whatevs. I tell Pizza to wake me up in half an hour and go for the nap, which was awesome. Candace called me but I think was really frightened when I told her I was napping my car. I do remember hearing familiar voices walking down the street, I guess leaving, but I just assumed they'd come back.

So Pizza came and woke me up and informed me that the party was OVER. Yes, OVER. The 5-0 came to the corner because the neighbors called--someone was breaking bottles and throwing them into the parking lot? Hmm...weird. I was sad.

Someone should have a party like that EVERY WEEKEND.

Congratulations class of 2006 :(

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