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musicfest 06

I've recently expressed minimal but growing interest in "event planning", which is a professional way of saying I want to get paid to throw parties. My involvement with MusicFest 06 was small, compared to the role of others, but I still enjoyed what I did and who I worked with. A lot goes into planning something, especially at a place as big as St. John's; there's a lot of really important technicalities (such as security, permits, and sound) that I didn't even think to think of when beginning to dream about the concert.

There were a lot of ups and downs (and downs, and downs, and downs), but I don't like to look back at things too negatively. We did it, we made it happen, we had people dancing and the bands thought we were great and we set a standard for next year. Nosa and I had amazing hoodies, and we all took great pictures and I got tan.

The sun was out the entire day, shining for some reason. Am I wrong to think it was shining for us?

therapist, meridian drive, chris conti, jim linehan, sincerely monroe, the king left, rhymefest...and everyone who came and helped. thanks!

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