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summertime, and the living's boring

It's no so much boring as it is not as exciting as Italy, but I'll take it. July has gone by too fast, and some highlights include Clare's graduation party, my first Wacky Back, 4th of July, pregaming at the Douglas estate (listening to crazy Uncle Greg stories is always a pleasure), and the new popularity of some of Rockaways other not-so-fine establishments (I haven't heard anything about healy's and the blackwater in years!). Most of the time it's go to school (I'm taking a class in Media Ethics, yay?), go to work, have some fun, go to sleep, repeat. on the weekends I work early and can go to the beach. I also went to the graffit exhibit at the brooklyn muiseum and visited the whitney for hte first time. I really enjoyed the Whitney a lot, even with it's price tage.

Clare and I have recently (and by recently, I mean today) dedicated outselvs to a healthier lifestyle. This morning we went running, which was more walking andheavy breathing than running, but still. I got a nw pair of kicks (Nike Zooms, whats uppp) and I am using them as inspiration to do something that gets the heart flowing. I've also been cutting back on my drinking, not for health reasons per se but because I keep feeling gross after drinking mor ethan 3 beers. I hope I don't have what Candace had the summer before Freshman year, where she couldnt' drink beer. Man, I love beer.

But going out sober isn't that bad, and I've found I stay out longer and can remember all the crazy stories from other people a lot easier if I'm not drinking. I wake up feeling better in the morning, too.

tonight it's --the volleyball after party at the pier, then wacky wednesday (even with all the little children there.)

I wonder if my writing has even improved?