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The fact that I still spend an hour out of my week to watch the train wreck that is Gilmore Girls disgusts me. I’m watching this shit right now and I’m thinking, why am I watching this? Lorelai just called Christopher her husband; she’s working hard to convince her friends of the merits of Christopher; she’s trying to fix Christopher’s clothes so he can fit in. Here’s a hint—if you have to work that hard just to have your husband fit into your life then YOU’RE PROBABLY NOT SUPPOSED TO BE MARRIED.

And a 2002-themed party? Oh, 2002—back when this show didn’t suck ass. I wish I could just watch Luke for an hour.

I know, I know. It’s been a long time since I’ve written, and I start off this blog with another useless GG rant. And I have so much good stuff to talk about, dear blog.

I'll try to asterisk three months of my life:

*Working at the Writing Center has been great. It’s possibly the most fulfilling thing I’ve done at St. John’s—I get to help people and hang out with really great people and kick back in the break room. I’m gonna miss it next semester.

*Oh, next semester? I’ll be interning full-time at Letterman. Uh, holy shit. I'm not even goign to start because I'll type forever. Expect more frequent updates when I start in January.

*Any HS students out there? Do any of you get College Bound Magazine? Check your guidance offices around February to read my article on my experiences studying abroad. Really compelling stuff in there, trust me. I mean, I had to cut it down from 750 to 500 words, so you can only imagine how entertaining it is. I'm surprised I had enough space to use compound sentences. But seriously, read it, have your lives changed forever, go to Italy and spend all your money on Peronis.

*So I turned 21 yesterday--I don't feel any different. Last year I had this big birthday post, all introspective and shit, but this year I'm just too tired to write anything (yet). So if you want to be inspired, check the archives of November 2005--I still mean every word I said.

*I really, really don't care about school anymore. It's so hard to fake an interest in classes like Ethics, especially this late in the game. I have a paper due tomorrow, 3 pages; I've written (rambled on, really) for about a page and a half of it, and I have no intention of finishing it tonight. Hey, I'm tired, you're lucky I'm going in for a shower before bed.

*I got a speeding ticket & another ticket for that fucking light on Cross Bay & Liberty Ave/Rockaway Blvd. FUCK YOU, NYC DMV!

I think I'm getting back into this blog writing thing. Check back for more stuff (I promise).


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