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It's 2 am on a Saturday Night/Sunday Morning and I'm writing not ONE 7-10 page paper, but TWO. This is what the University calls "finals week", the week where I suddely become super student and convince myself that I can write long research papers in a few hours. I've given myself a few days for these papers, thankfully, but I know I'll still wait until the last minute to finish them.

My ethics paper is half done, and I have a good framework and notes for it. My Brit Lit paper is like 4.7% done, and although I have a general idea of what it is ( weak thesis, but still) and plenty of articles on it (thank you, JStor) I'm still a little lost. I'm tired, too, and have procrastinated for the past 7 hours or so--writing three lines, checking my email, finishing that paragraph, checking facebook, adding a comma, taking a snack break.

By Wednesday it'll all be over, and I'll only have one final to study for and one more documentary to edit and plenty of time to reflect on this being my last on-campus semester at St. John's. I'm sure there will be a lot of crying alone in my car, too, so if you see me speeding down the Van Wyck in 2 weeks, looking crazy, just know that I'll be in a weird emotional state.

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