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beth & tj's awesomest new years eve party was everything it's facebook invite promised.

there was one six-pack of blue moon & one bucket of margaritas which i enjoyed

there was one room for every type of music-- odd 80s pop in the living room(donnie iris--one day you'll know him), some gangsta-style rap in the middle room, and loud, fist-pumping rock in the kitchen.

there was one amazing USA jacket, made out of the same material of an outdoor, bbq table cloth and worn by me as soon as i found it

there was one top hat, one sequined vintage party dress, and one sequined tube top (beth, i wouldn't forget you)

but there was also one weird, frightening, break-down brawl which featured lots of screaming & waking up of neighbors at 2am

that was intense. i walked home in the rain & my straight hair went curly.

today i went swimming with the rest of my block & baptised the new year.

even bigger things in '07, right?

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