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I was taking the train home from my internship the other night, physically exhausted from running around all day and ready to sit back, listen to my mom's iPod (still waiting for mine to start working again) and decompress.

There was a guy standing in front of me--well dressed, nervous looking--who later on sat next to me when the seat was free. A few stops after him a girl came on--weird jacket, crazy hair--and after a few minutes she sat next to him when that seat was free.

And I didn't notice it at first, since I was so into my iPod, but before we even crossed the bridge into Brooklyn those two had struck up a conversation with each other and I was witnesssing some form of connection between strangers. I didn't think this sort of thing happened in real-life, only in movies; but sure enough, the well-dressed guy was asking where she was from and the crazy-haired girl was explaining her reasons for coming to New York. They talked about San Francisco--"a nice place to live", she said, "but i'm glad i got out"--and the guy's desire to retire there one day, far into the future, "if i ever get a job" he said, with a nervous laugh. He was in the city for a job interview, she was getting off of work. She came here for school, spent some time at NYU.

Then she got up at Atlantic Avenue.

"Well, this is my stop," she said. She held out her hand for him to shake and told him, "It's been a pleasure, really." They both smiled.

I half-expected him to ask for her number or something, but he just floppily shook her hand. She walked off the train and he settled back in to his seat, back into his stapled papers, the handbook for the job he was hoping to get. He got off at my stop, Kings Highway, and I wondered for a second how he got so far, who he knew, why he was there. I wanted to know more of this person's story.

I didn't think it happened, but it does--strangers sharing their words, their hopes, their dreams. They shake each other's hands and get off at their stop, but for a few minutes they had it, the possibility of something else in the face of somebody new. This city is big, scary, and lonely, but maybe all we're looking for is just waiting for us to find it, in the person sitting next to us on a Brooklyn-bound B train.


Anonymous said...

katie!! i'm glad you work at the writing center, because you really write beautifully.
how do you sign up for online classes?
i miss you... let's hang out

Katie said...

heeeey anonymous, i'd love to send you some flowers for your props but i don't know who you are!!!!

Anonymous said...

it's me, erica!
i forgot i was anonymous.
you forgot i stalk you through your blog.

Elona said...

I like this entry. You write very well. I hope this makes it into the Sequoya (which is something I'm too intimidated to contribute to/don't have the time to develop a story for).

I wonder if my writing has even improved?