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hey ladies

What a week to be a girl.

First we have crazy astronaut lady, sullying up her reputation & accomplishments by making in her diaper.

Then we have Nancy Pelosi, who looked so badass on 60 Minutes, now geting all girlie by asking for a bigger plane just because she doesn't like the stops.

And then this happens.

Anna Nicole Smith was no astronaut and was certaintly no Nancy Pelosi. But she was still a woman in a crazy world and wanted what so many people want--fame, fortune, to be loved. I enjoyed watching her on E!, and even, sadly, thought Howard K. Stern was a good guy for her. I didn't know then he'd be a suspect in her murder, supposedly out for the money she cried and shimmied her way to get. Anna Nicole never angered or disgusted me the way Paris Hilton does, because I always thought she was just sad. She was the definition of B-list, a joke in the world she wanted to be a part of. I pitied her as she criedon Access Hollywood over her leaking breast implants, swore what she had with that oil tycoon was true love, and then, more recently, as she mourned the mysterious death of her son (and then put his possessions on eBay).

I find it kind of fitting that she died in (almost, not quite) Hollywood....Hollywood, FLorida.

It makes perfect sense that the final place for someone like her was so close, yet so far, from the real thing.

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