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i'm sending this post out to george, who works in the music/dvd section of the barnes & noble on 66th.

last week i came in frazzled and running out of time and he calmed me down, called other B&N's for my dvds, and entertained me, too. he used to work at tower across the street and in our time together he told me he stopped two suicide attempts in the store. if you met this guy, you'd know how. when tower closed it's doors, he wasn't bitter; he performed a farewell concert for his customers on his last day. he was thankful for 13 good years, and i guess they were thankful for him, too.

at my craziest point--seriously, i don't even know why i was getting so frazzled, it was stupid--he took my face in his hands and said "katie, look me in the eye. look me in the eye and promise me that you won't let life get to you."

i promised i wouldn't. and i meant it.

do you even know the kind of good people that are walking around on this earth? why did i ever doubt it?

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Anonymous said...

Katie, your blog always makes me smile! i miss you and believe that we're going to hang out one of these days!
<33 Erica

I wonder if my writing has even improved?