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love is a cd-r

It's a little late to be posting some pseudo love-song post, but I just read the great mixes on Late Night Wallflower and was inspired. And since my boom box (does anyone else call it that?) doesn't play CDs anymore I'm going to call this a mixed cd as opposed to a tape.

note: I read the book "love is a mix tape" by rob scheffield two weeks ago and loved it, but the songs I pick wont be nearly as cool as the ones he started every chapter with (or, as cool as the songs on LNW).

here's a list of songs i like to think are about love, and all the shit that goes along with it (and my thoughts on some of them)

"does everyone stare"- the police
written by stewart copeland (he also sings the first verse), it shows the bumbling, sweating, and insecure side of love ("i wanna write you a sonnet but i don't know where to start/i'm so used to laughing at the things in my heart")

"i believe"- stevie wonder
yea, so what if i first heard it at the end of "high fidelity"?

"harvest moon"-pearl jam (feat. sleater kinney)
a beautiful song covered beautifully at a '05 show in montreal. they also played this with neil young at the concert for change, but i couldn't find a version of it online.

"take me to the river"-al green

"gettin' enough?"-lil chris
his beats are fresh, but his lyrics are a little too old for him (but what do i know? kids today are crazyslutty)

"jolene"-ray lamontagne
for his voice, his words, and the piano in the background

"a case of you"-joni mitchell

"song cry (live)"- jay-z
mo' money, mo' problems, right?...."we was so happy poor but when we got rich/that's when our signals got crossed, and we got flipped"

"romeo & juliet"- dire straits

"after the fire"- pete townshend
off the amazing "deep end live!" album. buy it, if only for this song and for his cover of the english beat's "save it for later"

"i can't make you love me"-bonnie raitt
aw, snap. a lite fm favorite & a guaranteed tear-jerker

"the promise"-when in rome

"reflecting light"-sam philips

"a rainy night in soho"-the pogues/"haunted"-shane mcgowan
march 14th 2007 @ roseland.

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