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thought i was a donut, ya tried to glaze me


mta, going your way....very slowly

no B train service because it's "cold?"

i didn't know the B stood for little BITCH

valentine's day was a lot better than i thought it would be. i got flowers from a secret admirer, who also happens to be a famous tv personality (listen, sam champion, i know the flowers mean nothing and you're just being a tease). i enjoyed free pizza & blue moons, and brownies, and rice krispie treats, and candy hearts. and today nas signed my copy of illmatic with "love", so how can i not be happy about that?

but now i got writers block & i'm supposed to write about one of the biggest things ever--the police reunion--and i can't get started. sing it, ella, sing it.

this block isn't helping my senior project, either. damn, i should really get started on that.

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I wonder if my writing has even improved?