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Damn, this past Sunday night was long. I could have done without the dancers-into-penguins (and Beyonce on my screen), but overall it was a a good show.

But here's my biggest issue with this years Academy Awards. I loved Little Miss Sunshine when it came out. I left the theater thinking, that's a really great movie. It's funny, and heartwarming, and I really enjoyed the characters. However, I did not leave the theater thinking Oscar! Oscar!

Little Olive was an adorable character, really. Abigail Breslin did a great job, but how does she get nominated when Shareeka Epps from Half Nelson doesn't?

I saw the movie over the weekend and was impressed more by the character of Drey than by the movie as a whole. I'm not saying it was a bad movie--it was good, actually--but she stole the show, and I think Ryan Gosling owes his Oscar nomination mostly to her. How do you nominate a chubby, endearing beaty-queen wannabe over a girl dealing with crackheads and crack dealers??


over this?:

oh come on.

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