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thought i was a donut, ya tried to glaze me


your'e pretty good with words, but words can't save your life

All day I talk my face off, but when it really comes down to it there's so much I wish I could say, and so much that I know I can never say.

So instead I curse too much and I crack too many sarcastic jokes and tell the same five stories, and I spend the rest of my time wondering what would happen if I ever gave my heart the chance to speak.


Fortune said...

Katie, I sincerely love your blog!

while I think you're hysterical, i'm always available for a good ol' heart-to-heart convo if you ever need it. :)

Katie said...

You heart speaks in the words not said as well as the once you write.
The time will come when your heart is ready to speak all that it feels.

I wonder if my writing has even improved?