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Nobody asked me, but here's my explanation on why I don't give up my seat on the subway to pregnant ladies or old people--

I know you're supposed to. I know the MTA even puts signs up encouraging you to do so. But in my daily train rides, I have rarely seen someone take the offered seat willingly or with appreciation. Usually when a person offers there seat the old lady looks at them funny and goes, "It's ok, I can stand."

Then the person feels like an idiot for even offering it and for assuming (rightfully) that the person in front of them is an old bag who might need a seat.

With pregnant ladies, it'd different. If a woman is obviously pregnant I'll get up, but there are some months within the gestation period where I think it's hard to tell. I wouldn't want to think someone was pregnant when they weren't. A few years ago I was coming home on the train and some guy stood up with a smile on his face and said, "Here, sweetie, have my seat."

I took it, but to this day I don't know why he offered it. Was he just being nice? Did he know I had a long day? Or maybe...

Maybe he thought I was pregnant. And this is what bothers me--people thinking I'm pregnant when I'm just fat. Not cool.

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