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hot damn!

two weeks ago i got off the E train with a friend & was walking to get the 6 when i saw two young kiddies making out hardcore by the escalator. because i have a modicum of decency i turned away, but for anyone who's ever seen something like this in public, you'll know how hard it was for me to do so. i'm no creep, but i am human.

then a few days after that i got off the B train and saw the same thing--different couple, this time pinned up against the window of the Rainbow on Kings Highway, hands and mouths sloppily going at it like they were in the back of a car.

and just last night, as I got off the E at 50th, I saw yet another couple--this time they were older, which made it a little more gross--pinned up against the glass and practically dry humping in front of everyone.

jesus, what's going on, people? i only thought this sort of stuff happened in the movies. is it the weather? is there some connection to it being close to subways; maybe one of them is either coming or going and it's been a long time since they've seen their close friend?

and was it out of character for me to walk past all three of these scenes and not scream "get a room?"

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