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so what are you doing after graduation?

For every single person that asks me this--here's my answer:

near future:
take long naps in my hammock. start running. write. work on my tan. read more books. go fishing. walk my dog. float on my back for hours in the ocean. bike across both bridges. play volleyball. cook. watch entire seasons of tv shows in one day. finally visit Roosevelt Island. plant. take a food-related road trip. have marathon talk-sessions on Clare's porch. go to as many mets & cyclones games as i can. barbeque as much as possible. play Uno for hours. eat Baby Rattles and Bubble-Gum Baseball Ice Pops from Mr. Softee. go to concerts. throw a few wild parties.

future future:
get a job. move out of my parents house. travel the world. write. fall in love. get married. have some babies. rescue abandoned puppies. live in a big old house. kick the bucket with a smile on my face.

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