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People Make Plans--God Laughs

I never know what to make of that quote. Part of me recognizes that it makes sense--assuming you have some sort of belief in some sort of God, that is.

But the other part of me gets really angry at the thought of God laughing at us. Like he's up there busting a gut every time I write a To-Do list for the week or book a trip.

"HA HA, My child! You just used expedia.com to plan a trip to Aruba. How will you get down there in this HURRICANE I plan on making! Ha! Plans! Hardy har HAR!"

Then there are the people who say, "It's all in God's plan." They usually say this when something tragic happens (and again, I get it, faith gets you through the tough times, and there's nothing cynical or funny I can say about that). But there are also the people who use that phrase, that idea, as a write-off for all their stupid decisions.

"Look, Dad, I know I crashed the car. I know it might have been because I was drunk. But hey! It's all in God's plan, right? He's the architect, the master planner, the man with the blueprints. Right?"

Same goes for those "everything happens for a reason" people. Like--

"I just got fired for pilfering money from my office's bank account. But hey, everything happens for a reason!"

Oh, really? God wanted you to steal from your boss? He wrote it in His big ol' Book of Human Plans that you'd do that really dumb thing? Didn't he also give us free will, reason, opposable thumbs? Who's driving your life--yourself, or a God you only mention to explain your life away?

I think the reason these sayings bother me so much is because they are used as crutches. I'm not about to get all philosophical on your asses but I will say this: there's nothing wrong with a little self-responsibility. The universe may be guiding your life, but you can still be a backseat driver.

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