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a post about douchebags

I watch a lot of questionable television. I watch a lot of good shows, too, but there's something about shameless reality shows featuring self-centered, narcisstic spoiled brats that always makes me drop the remote. And although I did not religiously watch The Hills last season I did make a point to tune in this week for the season premiere. What a great hour of television--Lo is back, and Lauren is getting drunk and rambling, and Spencer is being a big old asshole.

Which brings me to the title of this post. Spencer Pratt may quite possibly be the biggest douchebag I have ever seen on my TV screen. He beats out Stee-veeeen, Bill O'Reilly/Tucker Carlson, and every black male ever featured on My Super Sweet 16. The thing that gets me about Spence is the fact that he's not even that good looking. I'll to admit that I can allow pretty boys some asshole-pass because they, with their good looks, are almost expected to be assholes. It's an unspoken agreement--you're a huge jerk, and you probably make fun of me, but you're aesthetically pleasing and if I don't think about it too hard I can look past it and enjoy the view. Not Mr. Pratt. He's short, has a little-boy body, and half the time I want to punch him in his busted, overbitten mouth. He's manipulative and too angry and cheap as girlfriend is ugly, and if my live-in BF ever had a pseudo-ghetto grafitti mural put on my living room wall I'd kick him in the face and kick him out of my house. So this goes out to you, Spencer Pratt, royal douchebag of the summer, who proposed (or 'promised', depending on which story you believe) with a ring purchased at a store simliar to Clare's accesories. If i had an award for being a douche, you'd win it in a landslide.

P.S- He's the white one.

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