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welcome to NYC

While standing on a cramped F train today, watching the crowds of people on the platforms as we pulled in to each station, I realized something.

It's not the terrorists or a category 5 hurricane or nerve gas that will ultimately get us. It'll be a frigin thunderstorm.

I don't even usually take the F train, especially not from Brooklyn. But the 2 wasn't running and the B and Q were delayed and I had just gotten a call from my friend who was kicked off the A train at Broadway-Junction (kicked off, with nowhere to go, and no other instructions offered by the MTA except 'get off the train!') and the E train and F from queens weren't running and...yea. So I drove to BK, planned on taking the D (the only train I hadn't heard anything about, which I thought might be a good sign) but then saw the F as I drove on the Belt and figured it was worth a shot. I waited at Avenue X for 20 minutes before a train came rolling through, and it rolled, all right, for another hour and a half. I took some pleasure in watching upset yuppies at Carroll Street, and managed to find some humor in listening to people fighting with each other just to get on. I was just happy to be on a train, on my way to work, even if I was late. But what gives?

I didn't see one cop the entire time--what if we started rioting? I didn't even SEE an MTA worker at Avenue X. And if this is how the city acts (or inacts) during RAIN, what the FUCK are we going to do when a Hurricane pays a visit? I know I'll be "evacuated" to Brooklyn College or the Acqueduct (seriously. an outdoor stadium for evacuation? a college campus? are we all gonna huddle in the fucking Quad?) but how the hell am I supposed to get there? The two bridges off that get backed up with beach traffic when it's sunny outside? Or maybe I'll go through Far Rockaway & Five Towns, through the streets that flood when it's humid out.

Should I just hop on my roof now with a white flag & get ready?!


Anonymous said...

i thought we were gonna have a rooftop party katrina style??? ...cw

Fortune said...

I rode a bus for 4 hours....38 of which seemed to be on Union Tpke. I feel your pain.

I told someone we were so screwed if terrorism happened. haha

I wonder if my writing has even improved?