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My parents always ask me why I don't go to church anymore--except, of course, for the requisite lapsed-Catholic visits on Christmas Eve and Easter. That's a simple enough question with quite a few different answers, some deep and others shallow ("i'd rather sleep in. even if it's 12 o'clock mass.")

But I was just scanning CNN.com and came across this video. Most Sisters and Nuns (I have enough religious education to know there is a difference) take an oath of poverty; most Priests and Brothers do not. And now a group of nuns in Los Angeles are being evicted from their home because of stuff Priests did and now have to pay for.

Well, mom and dad, add that to the list of reasons I'm an Ashes & Palms Catholic. And why I'll only show up when I know there's an "O Holy Night" solo waiting for me.

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