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I don't usually agree with everything Kanye West says, and I recognize that he's a cocky bastard, but damn, he spoke the truth right here.

I tuned into the VMAs for Britney. I laughed at her when she walked on-stage looking like a 10 pound sausage stuffed into a 5 pound stripper outfit, but then I just laughed at myself for tuning in. I'd been had. Bitch looked like she had intended on playing us, looking at the camera like, "see what you all got excited about? see how I made you all get hyped? I'm as messed up as I was when I shaved my head." MTV didn't just exploit her, they exploited us. "Stronger" would have been perfect for opening the VMAs. It would have been even better if Daft Punk was there on stage, too.

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